Desert Rose

While doing this scene I learned more about desert plants and trees than I ever thought I would need.  I also learned that SL has most of the plants and trees that I wanted.  Thank you, designers!

This Spanish style house is the Ximena Cottage from Trompe Loeil.  It comes with three options in the pack:  the cottage (shown), the cottage with no fireplace, and the cottage with no fireplace or plants.  This is handy if you have to watch the Land Impact.

The house has one main lounge area and 2 other rooms that could be used for whatever you want.  I went with a bedroom for this look. It also comes with the exterior lights, auto doors and a home control panel for setting your access and privacy rules.  Make sure you go and check out the demo at Fameshed.

KAZZA - Vialle Dolce - daybed (outside) and all bedroom items are from this set.
crate - Boho Porch Set ~ Cactus
HIDEKI - Esteban, Little Danny
(Fundati) - Yucca Trees


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