Getting Away from it All

I have spent the last week or more getting ready for my May BOSL article.  It is a lot of work and the setup is huge.  Yesterday I had to get the pics done and I spent the whole day getting everything just right which means adding items, getting rid of bits that don't work, and sometimes rearranging the whole space to make it work.  It is a long, slow process, but I got there and it is all done and handed in to the editor.  I finished at 11.30pm last night.

So, today I am getting away from it all and just chilling out a bit.  I love heading off to my fav sims for some time out and that is why I am at Frogmore. I hadn't seen this wee area before but I saw it in a photo on Flickr and decided to hunt it down for todays photo shoot.  I am thinking of it as a retreat.  Can someone please bring me a cocktail STAT?

While I wait for that, I will tell you about my fab outfit today.  This is the [COSMOS] Nadine Bodycon Dress and I love that there is a hud with 20 colours so you can change the look to suit your mood, look or season!  You can have the top and skirt the same colour or do a bit of a mix and match like I have today.

These sparkly heels are called Peonie and they are from SENTINUS.  I will wear them again so you can see them fully, but this gives you a sneak peek.  I have been wearing them around SL with all manner of outfits and they also come with a colour hud so you can match as you see fit.

Both the dress and the shoes are from SWANK and we are halfway through the round so don't wait too long to get on over there and get shopping.

Pose:  .::Hazeel::. - Summer Babe 

Hair:  OPALE . Lavanda Hair [Naturals Pack]


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