Home Office

As soon as I saw this office set from Erfe Design, I knew I had to show it to you in a house I grabbed last week.  It was the perfect space for this Palmira Office Set. 

The set contains the bookshelf and decor, the desk and accessories, and the chair.  I have also added some other Erfe Design items that I felt went with the aesthetics of this lovely set in case you wanted to replicate the look in your own home.

Ceiling Light:  Splines floor light silver (from the Swann Livingroom Set)
Sofa:  Matilda Sofa (from the Matilda Livingroom Set)
Lamp:  Valencia Floor Lighting (from the Swann Livingroom Set)
Art: Abstract Brown Frames Gold
Plant:  Home Decor Plant-3

You can find all of these items at the Erfe Design mainstore or you can head to Marketplace and grab them without even teleporting!

Other items:
DaD - "Hillside House"w mat.  v.1.1c/m
LAVIARA - Livia Rug


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