Lost in Thought

Took me a while to find a place to do this pic. I wandered about a bit, checked out some flickr location groups and then settled on this one here at Bella's Lullaby. I like this sim because it is simple and uncluttered, bit like me to be honest.

I am also liking the simplicity of my look today with this Ivan jacket, pants and boots from C.YFashion. I actually took ages deciding on the colour combo of the jacket and pants because there is a hud. Luckily the boots are just black and there were no choices needed to be made on those.  Still, I am liking my final look. You can go sample it for yourself by grabbing the demos at SWANK.

See, I told you this was simple.

Tattoo:  KaoS -BoM 65% Reborn from the Ashes Tattoo
Shape:  [MANBOD] - Axel x LeLUTKA Aaron 4.0 


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