I have been trying to publish this post for a couple of days, but someone has been hogging the blog so I have had to wait until she took a day off to show you these items.

Just a reminder that the items I post are free or near enough to.  I try to find things for those who are on a limited budget like I am, but still want to look stylish. Today I am showing you free items and one that was cost a few Lindens, but worth it.

The glasses, earrings, necklace, top, and hair are all gifts at the Cosmopolitan Anniversary event.  You have to be in the group but it is free to join and the sign-up board is right in the landing zone, so it is easy to find.

The shorts were not free, but cheap enough and I will be enjoying wearing them this SL summer.  They have some cheeky rips in the butt too, so great for a beachy look.

Glasses:  BONDI . - The Excentric Glasses 
Necklace:  RAPTURE - Necklace Regina-FatPack
Earrings:  SIGMA - Star hoops 
Top: !!Kyutechi!! - Penelope Top 
Hair:  eXxEsS :-SUCRE Hair
Shorts: FashionNatic - Daphne Shorts Salmon (50/50)
Sim:  Frogmore


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