Resting by the Pool

If you can't find me over the next few days then I will be here resting by the pool.  The only twisting by the pool will be when I roll over to give one shoulder a break or when I twist my body to get cheese or a drink.  Otherwise, I will not be moving much at all unless I feel like a quick dip in the pool, but even then I would just move from this lounger to the pool lounger.  It is good to mix it up.

This very relaxing set is from Zaker and is aptly named as it is the Yumi lounger set and includes the parasol, side table, cocktail (even one you can wear) and loungers that come with or without a cushion or blanket. Plenty of options there.  The loungers also come with loads of animations for singles and couples.  All of them will make sure you are rested and chilling.

The set also has three huds: one each for the loungers, parasol and side table so that you can change the wood textures and the fabric textures where applicable.  This is awesome for being able to match the colours to your setting or just mixing it up when you feel like a change.

This set will be staying right where it is for the next wee while because it is going to be a part of my BOSL article for August.  Deservedly!

BROKEN ARROWS - Sun - Hat, Sun - Dark Sandal

CHEZ MOI - Beanbag Float 

[CIRCA] - "AZIZA" Hanging Plant Baskets

Dahlia X MADRAS - July Platter

Dead Unicorn - Poolside Villa

Little Branch - BottlePalm.V2, BeachPalm.v2

Noveny - Anphore Pot Plants - Palma

Serenity Style - Emily Wicker Basket

Simple Things - Peaceful Corner floor cushion - clouds and cafe


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