Rock Pool

I will be hanging here for quite a while.  I mean, check it out...why wouldn't I?  I will be in the lounger with my martini.  Could you bring me a snack?  I think some cheese and crackers would be nice.  Maybe some olives and chutney too?  I will let you swim in the pool if you do.  Seems a fair exchange.

This is the Trompe Loeil - Keyah Rock Patio Pool Dark.  You can also get it in light and desert rocks. Great for matching to your landscapes. 

The pool also comes with great animations including solo sits, solo waterfall, solo swim, and couples poses.  I am showing the PG version.  I am sure there are some 'special' animations in the adult pool.  Wink, wink.

{what next} - Malia Lanterns

Noveny - Rattan Lounger, Rattan Mini Table, Wicker Patio Set


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