Shades of Black

I wish I had this set a few weeks ago when I was doing my Best of SL Magazine article for May.  This would have worked in with my theme so well as the tones and vibe are perfect.  

Now, I am not telling you what my theme is, but I will say that the house pictured in this scene is the central piece of the article and is from the same store that this living room set is from.  

The Signature Living Room set is from Erfe Design and contains the wall panel, sofa, carpet, armchair, parlor palm, industrial middle table (with accessories), and the black horse painting.  The total set is only 22LI and comes with over 250 animations for singles and couples. Makes sure you go and take a look at this stylish set at the Dubai Event and try out the animations for yourself, but do remember to keep it PG people, as this is an adult set!

[Erfe Design] - Matilda Floor Light, Home Decor Plant with pot, Urla House 
Laminak - Potters Collection - Ash White - Large
22769 - Art Books
Bazar - Toronto-Living room plant, Berlin-chandelier BLACK
Apple Fall - Globe w/ Books - Black
220ML - Suculents Set - Black Wood
[ SQUARE ] - Vento Bio Ethanol Fireplace Black Marble
Atelier Burgundy - Abstract Canvas (texture change)
hive // leather tote . black


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