Drinks Break

Apparently I am the promised fashion post this week. I would set your expectations too high as it is just me, but I am happy to show you this set from AnaSTyle at SWANK.

The shirt and pants set is called Nathan Fatpack Shirt&Pants with suspender and I am wearing the white shirt version, but there is also azure, black, green and pink if white is not your style.  Definitely worth grabbing the demo at SWANK and testing it out for yourself.  

While you are at SWANK make sure you take a look around as there are a few excellent items for the guys in this round.

I teamed it up with some weekend items.  The hair is the Modulus Beau Hair for FLF and the pose is B(u)Y ME: Jake for Manly Weekend.

The Chilton Boots are from REBELLION.

Lastly, I took this photo in the harbour area at Elvion.  Took me a while to choose a spot as there are so many to choose from.


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