I know there have been a load of home & garden items of late, but I am actually not really sorry at all because it is all just too fab to not show or for you to miss out if it is attached to an event.  

If you are a reader who is more fashion oriented, never fear as Tyson and I both have posts in the next couple of days as well as one more home & garden one to keep those people happy too!  I try to please everyone!  Well, I do my best.

This set is a newbie from Erfe Design and is called the Honey Livingroom Set. I think it is aptly named as it is SWEEEET!  

It comes with the Bubbles Ceiling Lights, the Coffee Table (with accessories), the Back Wall, the Carpet, the Armchair, and the Sofa.  But it gets even better because there are four colour options for the chair and sofa.  You can have natural (shown), white, black, and green or go crazy and mix them up! The set also comes in a PG or Adult version and has an LI of 45.

Please make sure you go have a look at this set at the Flourish event as you are going to love it even more when you see it for yourself!

Erfe Design - Abstract Brown Frames Bronze, Parlor Palm Nature green

imegica - Terracota vaseSet (50/50 Event)

Muniick: Large Snake Plant in Bronze Planter


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