Round the Back of the Shed

You never know what you will find round the back of the shed, but since I am showing you, now you do know.  It is the place you put all the stuff you are not sure what to do with, however in this case it is to showcase two new items from Serenity Style.

First is the Garden Water Dispenser which comes with the dispenser and the cute bucket underneath.  This is a lovely addition to a fence, wall, post or anywhere in your garden really.  It is available this weekend for Wanderlust at the mainstore.

The second is the Recycled Washboard which would look perfect in the garden or in your laundry.  Adds a touch of colour to any place you decide to hang it.  Grab it at the mainstore as a part of the Farmers Market round.

Serenity Style - The Gardener Corner Bunch of Pots, Rake, The Florist - Garden Soil Bag

:FNY: Designs - Clematis Viticella, Herbs

Sway's - [Peony] Bar spade, Spade


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