Storm's Coming

Found this great sim (Vindfjell, Harmony Bay) to wander on today and this area is right by the landing point so you won't have far to walk to hang out with the sheep and a dog I have named Skip.  Don't just stop there though because this sim is brimming with photo op spots.

I went shopping this weekend and picked up three items that I am wearing.  All of them are in the Happy Weekend sales so don't take too long going to grab them.

The first was the coat from BREEZY and is this Maquiny Jacket.  I picked out the khaki version but there were loads of colour choices and I am tempted to go back for the red one.  

The pants are from INVICTUS and I am wearing the black version of their interactive cargo pants.  I will confess that I haven't tried out the interactive bit of them yet, but I am liking the cut and look so that is the main thing.

Lastly, I grabbed this Eaglelux Adam Hairbase.. I am wearing it with a casual look but this hairbase would also add to a suit or tux occasion as well.  You get a great range of colour options and there are even a couple of slight style changes.  I am calling one of them the 'Superman curl'. Go demo it to see what I mean.


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