Do Not Wake the Cat

You can sneak in to this post and view this amazing Rose Bedroom Set from Erfe Design, but do not verbalise how impressed you are because you will wake Sir Purrsalot and he will judge you from now until the end of times.

The total set has a LI of 55 and contains the bed with bedside tables and lighting attached, the wardrobe in black (as shown) or white, the Lustre ceiling decor, the carpet, and the rug. 

The set comes with a colour change hud so you can go with the black, white, pink, green, gold or brown for the bed, sheets, duvet, pillows, and walls behind the bed.  The bedside tables only come with white or black options. 

The bed also comes with animations for singles, kisses, cuddles, and sleeping.  Perfect for joining the kitty in a nap!

The whole set is available for purchase and viewing at the LEVEL event.

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