Whiskey and Rail

I've been workin' on the railroad,

All the live long day.

I've been workin' on the railroad,

Just to pass the time away.

Can't you hear the whistle blowing?

Rise up so early in the morn.

Can't you hear the captain shoutin'

"Dinah, blow your horn?"

Why am I picturing me sitting at the end of a bar with a bar keeper sliding me a whiskey?  You know that bar is sticky and the people there are just as dirty.  "Play another ditty on that there piano, Sam!"

This amazing set called 'The Deer, the Cat & The Ugly' is from the team of Oh Deer! and WetCat and is the Shotgun pop up event.  It comes with the saloon, gold cart, hand cart, tracks and railway building. There are two versions of the saloon too; one with awesome WetCat poses and one without.  This set looks just as great in the light of day, but I just had to show off those lit windows in a darker setting!  I am loving the imagination of Bambi, the designer and creator at Oh Deer!

The WetCat poses are, as always, just brilliant and you can be fall-down drunk, drinking on one of the outside stools, lounging by a barrel, or just leaning against the building.  Loads to choose from and definitely photo worthy! Plenty for male and female avis too. 

The Shotgun event closes on the 16th so mosey on over and grab the goodies. 

I also added some other bits and pieces, but I have to point out the very realistic cacti from Little Branch. There are two versions here and I love the realistic textures and how great these would look in any dry climate environment!  The Wildgrass is also from Little Branch and perfect for my scene todayy.

HIDEKI HIDEKI - White Horse, Wolf


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