I Need My Fix

After a big holiday like Christmas, it's been a little quiet in SL. Which is nice, but I felt antsy and had a need to go exploring. Luckily, the "I need a new..." Hunt is running and satisfied my need to expand my inventory.
I'm looking forward to 2011 and can't believe it's only a day away! Also, my first rezday in SL is coming up. I started in January of 2010 and I honestly still feel as if I'm a new avatar. I'm excited to see where I'll be in another year!

Picture 1:

Hat/Hair : Amacci - Marc (Subscriber Gift)
Sweater: F2H -Asphalt Sweater (Free Dec.-Jan)

Picture 2:

Shirt: Absent Designs - Evil Inside Tshirt (INNH)
Belt: BloodMoney Designs - BloodMoney Designs Belt (INNH)
Shoulder Bag: SE Designz - Shoulder Bag (INNH)

Picture 3:

Shirt: Alexandre Skins & Fashion -Inferno (INNH)

Picture 4:

Top: Just Because - Mitten Hunt (The Great Mitten Hunt)
Bottom: American Bazaar: Mystic White Pants (INNH)

Picture 5:

Outfit/Suit: Just Because - Holiday Gift (Group Gift)
*Also, slap the MM Board nearby*


Hyper Hunt!

I was sad today to find out that Hyper Culture is closing. I was glad to hear that the designer will be back with something new and exciting for us soon!! In the meantime Hyper Culture has a sale on and the items below and more are 10L. You have to search to find them, so run over and spend up.

The other items are mostly from the A Very Depraved Christmas Hunt. I was wandering yesterday and somehow ended up hunting. Go figure.

The sim I took the pics on is called Syzygy's Ice Beach. Is really cool and lots of fun things to do!

Pic 1:
Hair: Amacci - Sonya - Mocha (Group Gift)
Skin: Heartsick - Wish - Reverie - Folding Stars (Heartsick is offering a secret 10L skin each day)
Dress: Hyper Culture - Loose Summer Dress (10L)
Necklace: KOSH - Dead Christmas Tree (AVDC Hunt)

Pic 2:
Dress: Hyper Culture - Natasha Gown - Forest Feast (10L)

Pic 3:
Dress: Hyper Culture - Single Shoulder Denim Dress - Black (10L)

Pic 4:
Dress: Hyper Culture - Tube Sweater Mini - Burgundy (10L)

Pic 5:
Dress: Hyper Culture - Victorian Mini - Brown (10L)

Pic 6:
Dress: Hyper Culture - Spiderweb Mini - Coral (10L)

Pic 7:
Outfit: Xplosion - Winter Elf (AVDC Hunt)

Pic 8:
Sweater: Lianicious - Cherry Blossom (AVDC Hunt)
Pants: Acid and Mala - Urban Pants and Suspenders - Green (AVDC Hunt)


Birthday Suit

JeSyLiLo is having a birthday celebration and offering 6 skins (3 male/3 female) as gifts. You have an hour left to grab them before they're gone (ends at 1pm PST). They're also offering great deals on the rest of their items. So hurry over there quick!

Skins: JeSyLiLo - Birthday Gift/J1,J2,J3


Hear All About It

When there's a store with quality clothes, word about it travels fast in Second Life. Keyf Swords of GizzA Creations notified Hela of the store's generous gifts. When she passed the news along, I immediately teleported over to the store. Just join the group and they're yours. The Christmas outfit is available by the tree inside of the store. While in there, be sure to take a good look around!

First, I wanted to show you this skin from Exile. It's great for those that want to show off your mechanic skills. Join the subscriber and look into their history.

Picture 1:

Skin: Exile - Mechanic Skin (subscriber gift)

Picture 2:

Outfit: GizzA- Christmas Gift/Male (By the tree)

Pictures 3-5:

Outfits: GizzA- Group Gifts


Skater Girl

I got this gorgeous skating outfit on the Lucky Board at Evie's Closet. It is called the Elizabeth Skating Outfit and it is so lovely that I had to run in and show you!! The lovely circlet is also from Evie's Closet and is called the Christmas Star Circlet. It is in a gift under the tree.

The pose is a skating pose from Glitterati. Perfect.


Calm Before the Storm

I always consider the days in between Christmas and New Year to be a lull between storms...or, in this case. between eating. Since Christmas I don't think I have had a proper meal. I have picked and snacked on leftovers and chocolates, but not actually had a real dinkum meal. I think this is in preparation for the next bout of feasting.

SL has this lull too, this eye of the storm. Leading up to Christmas there is a veritable flurry of activity and sales and gifts for me to blog, then suddenly, overnight, it goes still and quiet...too quiet... And I know that I need to mentally prepare for the New Year onslaught!

So, today I am seeking a restful place to take pics. /Me take deep breath. Ahhhhhhh!

Pic 1:
Dress: RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - Applesauce Dress - Snowflake (Group Gift for Current Members only)
Jewellery: Exodi - The Monarchy Earrings and Necklace (Past Advent Item)
Hair: Analog Dog - Joy - Brown (0L - Heaps of Colours in Pack)

Pic 2:
Dress: Poison - Carmen Dress (MM Board)

Pic 3:
Outfit: Sassy Kitty - Bad Santa's Girl (AVDC Hunt - Has heaps of options in pack)

Pic 4:
Boots: Gos - Posh Bootie - Purple (AVDC Hunt)

Pic 5:
Shoes: OoEas! - Princess Pumps B/W (Sub Gift - Other Colours in Pack)

Pic 6:
Jacket: Malt - Holidays Jacket (Sub Gift)
Scarf: Alexohol - Winter Scarf Special Edition - Black and White (Sub Gift - Lots of Colours in Pack)

Pic 7:
Outfit: B&T - Merry Xmas (0L Under Tree)



Nice to relax after Christmas Day, loosen the belt and carry on the eat-fest! I am thinking that swinging on a full tummy is probably not the best of ideas, but what the hey! It is Christmas!

Pic 1:
Outfit: Evie's Closet - Reindeer Days for Winter (0L Under Tree - this was the costume I wore to a Christmas Party today!
Swing: Pulling Strings - Meet Me at the Swings (I got it for 1L, but not at this price now!)

Pic 2:
Dress: Boom - Snowflake Dress (0L)
Hat and Hair: Truth - Snow Kitty - Chocolate (Sub Gift)

Pic 3:
Outfit: RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - Toy Soldier (Holiday Fair)
Hair: IrEn - Ushanka - Soil - Redfaded (Group Gift)

Pic 4:
Dress: Schwarz - Glam Dress (0L - Under Tree)
Necklace: YS&YS - Test Necklace Stones (Group Gift Under Tree)
Hair: Maitreya - Lauren - Kala Jeera (Sub Gift)

Pic 5:
Top: Poison - Ruin Shirt (Group Gift - Men's version in Gift too)
Skirt: [skream!] - Little Poofy Thing (Group Gift)

Pic 6:
Dress: Mimikri - Piz White (Sub Gift)

Pic 7 and 8:
Bag: Modd.G - 2010Xmas Gift - Dave Rucksack (0L Gift)
Boots: YS&YS - Tiburon Xmas (Group Gift - Under Tree)


Clean Green

Okay, I'm going to admit that green is not one of my favorite colors. I don't gravitate towards it, nor does it get my attention. When I think of green outfits, I usually think of St. Patrick's Day. This time, however, I did manage to have fun with this color and I like the combination. So here's for giving green a clean slate. :D

Click Image to Enlarge.

Jacket: Aoharu -BT Ram Leather Coat Beige

Sweater: Savvy Avvy - Men's Roll Neck Sweater (50L on Marketplace)

Pants: Hoorenbeek - Pants (Olive) (Past Store Gift)


The Huntress

I am a green fan. I have a lot of green in my inventory, so why was this Colour Challenge post so hard to work out. Took me ages to plan and execute this. Still, I am happy with the result. The colours in the background were amazing!

Gown: Ho Wear - Eachna
Hair: Sky Everett Designs - Lady Saelanar
Necklace: Collared - Thorn Choker
Skin: Amacci - Irina Skin Goth 12 Green
Face Tattoo: AQ Face Tattoos - Broken
Archery: Noir - Hawk's Eye


Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and I hope your Christmas Day was as awesome as mine here in Aryaland where Christmas is like so yesterday! Hehe! Hugs and enjoy the day with your loved ones whether it be RL or SL!

Love ya!


Last Minute

It's Christmas Eve here in New York, and for a lot of us that mean's last minute gifting. I was lucky to have finished my shopping a little early this year and that gave me plenty of time to explore. Thank you, creators, for spreading the holiday cheer up all month long. Anyways, here's a quick post before I retire for the night.

Picture 1:

Outfit: NE and Rob - Christmas Gift (Advent #24)

If you're a comic book fan or eve a cartoon fan of X-Men, you'll recognize this outfit to be similar of Magneto. In fact, if Magneto had to get all formal, he'd probably wear something like this.

Picture 2:

Outfit:22769 - Vintage Magnetism (Advent #24)

Picture 3:

Jeans: WoE -GRJ M6 Jeans, Oil, Dusk, Clay (12 Days of Christmas Gift)

Picture 4:

Top: Peer - Santa Tee (12 Days of Christmas Gift )

Picture 5:

Robe: SF Design - Happy Christmas Gentleman (Subscriber Gift)


Dinner Time!!

Nice to have a few friends and family over for dinner. I will say that mine gathered here argued over who would get the turkey legs, who would cut the turkey and who didn't want to sit next to...well, we won't name them... Someone also drunk too much wine and there was a small incident that will never be again discussed.... Pretty normal Christmas dinner all round.

Hearts Planter: [LoveFactory] - Hearts Potted (Group Gift)
Table and Items: {what next} - Christmas Laurel Dining Room
Fireplace: Black Karbon - Shayne's Fireplace (Rue DAntibes Gift Under Tree)
Tree: {what next} - Lantern Lit Christmas Tree
Chair and Items: {what next} - Noel Armchair
Wall Decal: Cheeky Pea - Winter Walk Decal (From Iced Living Room Set)
Turkey: Reels and Robots: SQ Cooked Turkey on a Plate (Marketplace - 1L)
House: Designer Prims - Renovated Cottage


Almost Time!

Christmas is almost here and I'm getting excited. Have you been tracking Santa's location? If not, here's a website where you can:http://www.noradsanta.org
Remember to leave a plate of cookies and some milk!
There are still a lot of great gifts to grab in-world, so teleport over there before it's too late.
Once again, Happy Holidays!

All items in pictures 1 & 2 are from the Snowball Hunt. Items shown below cost between 10L-50L. Snowball Hunt Sim

Picture 1:

Top: Abomb -Unisex Polo Shirt Black
Bottom: Abomb- Plaid Shorts Blue/Brown

Picture 2:

Top: Abomb - Men's cable Knit Sweater, Purple

Picture 3:

Top: Peer- Touch My Junk Tee (12 Days of Christmas Hunt #10)

Picture 4:

Jacket: Gabriel - White Down Jacket (Group Gift)

Picture 5:

Outfit: Subversion -Betsy Chrimbo Gift (Store Gift)

Picture 6:

Skin: LaRosa - Darian (Advent Calendar)
Jeans: Rob - Jingle Rock Jeans

Picture 7:

Skin: JeSyLiLo - Skin J5 (Group Gift)
Jeans: JeSyLiLo - BalaJeans (Group Gift)