Monday, January 31, 2011

The Very Long List of Menstuff

I've been excited for this hunt since December. It's the first hunt organized by the Menstuff group and I have not been let down. I give a lot of recognition to the group for providing information, notices, and events in regards to men's fashion. I wasn't able to complete the hunt in one night, which consists of 151 stores!

This is a great opportunity for new designers to show off their creative designs and to introduce hunters to stores they've never been to before. There are a lot of impeccable gifts and it leaves you wanting more from their stores. Want to get started? Here's a site with a list of stores and hints: MENstuff: Hints. Now, a few highlights from the hunt so far.

Picture 1:

Outfit: Wilson's - Menstuff Hunt 2011
Pipe: Adjunt - Churchwarden Bubble Pipe
Shoes: FIR & MNA - Menstuff Loafers
Beard: Sacred and Valiant - 2.0 Beard V1/ tattoo layer

Picture 2:

Shirt/Pants: Alphamale - Menstuff Gift Set
Jacket: Leather Bound - Leather Jacket/Brown Suede

Picture 3:

Shape: Maverick Designs - Trick Shape
Skin: Egoisme -Samm V2 Medium Skin Set

Picture 4:

Outfit: OKEY - Hunter Outfit

Picture 5:

Jacket: JFL -Zipped Jacket Blue

Picture 6:

Outfit: Tres Beau - "CheckMate" Brown

Picture 7:

Top: Alphavillain- Fitzwilliam Polo
Shoes: Duh! - Men's Tassled Loafers/Black

Picture 8:

Sweater: {MV} - Maplewood Sweater

Picture 9:

Outfit: Lazybum - MS Briefs/Tank

Picture 10:

Top: Miamai - Jeon Brown
Jeans: WoE - Gauge jeans
Shoes: Deco - Test Boots/Newsprint

Picture 11:

Top: Coma -Cobain Sweater

Picture 12:

Top: Zaara - Adyan Kurta/Blue

Pictures 13 & 14:

Outfits: Dark Water Designs - Menstuff Hunt

Picture 15:

Outfit: Graffitiwear - Dirty Tank/Torn Jeans

Picture 16:

Jeans: Valiant- Ripped n Rolled Pants

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Check Out My Fatpack, Yo!

I'm getting myself ready for the Menstuff Hunt. Not kidding, I plan on relaxing and resting up early, so I'm ready when it starts at 10 p.m SLT tomorrow. Until then, here are two great deals for you to snag. The fatpack of Contrast Long Sleeve tees are available only today, so don't miss out. The hair by CheerNo is available all week long at TDR and it's a fullpack!

Hat/Hair: CheerNo @ TDR - DuDu Hair Special (70L)
Top: Whippet & Buck -Contrast Long Sleeve (50L)

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Sick of Me

I don't know how people who blog on their own do it. I'm so used to seeing Arya's posts usually above or below mine, but now the whole page is just me! It's kind of awkward and I'm looking forward to her return. I don't have much to say today, so lets move along to the pictures, shall we?

Picture 1:

Outfit: Delirium Style - Jake (Group Lucky Board)

Picture 2:

Outfit:GizzA - Sweater Outfit (Group Gift)

Picture 3:

Top: Hell Bop - Bar Shirt 9 (Group Gift)

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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Since Linden Labs officially announced we are now allowed to join 40 (42 on Phoenix) groups, I've been hitting the "join" button like crazzzyyyy. Need help figuring out which groups to join? Well, let me assist you!

Picture 1:

Skin:CheerNo @ Modavia -Brent Pale Team Special Shav (Group Gift)

Picture 2:

Jacket: UpperMan - D2 Green Baseball Coat (Group Gift)

Picture 3:

Outfit: Zenith - Sweater Jacket/Pants (Group Gift)

Picture 4:

Outfit: Balani's - Tattoo Tee/White Pants (Group Gift)

Picture 5:

Top: Balani's - Henry Polo (Part of Henry Group Gift *Click on Balani's Sign*)

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Teen Spirit

Hey er'body, hope your week is well. In a previous post, I've shown you lil' Mister, the child version of myself. Today I'm introducing you to teen Mister, full of angst and indulges in risky behavior! Or, sits at home reading comics and playing video games, which is cool too. :D
I won some skins from Mother Goose's and this skin includes blemishes and pimples.

Picture 1:

Skin: Mother Goose's - Jeremy Pimple (Lucky Board)
Hoodie: [Insatiable Fashions] - Stereo Love (Group Gift)
*Comes in Blue, Green, Pink, and Purple*

Then, I guess teen Mister partied too hard with his friends and passed out. So, his friends decided to draw on his face with a marker.

Picture 2:

Skin: Mother Goose's - Dale (Lucky Board)

This skin from Tellaq includes eyes and 4 skins with different facial hair.

Skin: Tellaq - Jamie Skin Style 4 (MM Board)

Stop by T-Junction to get these witty and fun tees. If you're shy, let your shirt be the conversation starter.

Pictures 4-6:

T-shirts: T-Junction- But I'm Fun/Save Water Drink Beer/Team Me (New Releases)

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Sunday, January 23, 2011


I am so sorry I have not been around much. In Aryaland we are on limited broadband and I have used up my quota already this month and we pay mega for every bit over. Oh, to live somewhere with unlimited! Sigh.

Anyway, I raced on today and saw this outfit on a notecard and HAD to have!

See ya round, and if you need to contact me I am on each day to grab notecards cos IMs get capped and also you can leave a message on the blog!

Also want to thank Mister for doing such an awesome job at holding the fort while I slack off. APPLAUSE!

Pic 1:
Amacci - Milly - Mocha (Preview)
Tuli - Parted lips 2 (0L)
Mimikri @ Blue Dressing Room - Alexa Dress Sand (70L)
Pic taken at Quantum Fields Shopping Centre
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Teeing Off With Taupe

(Click to Enlarge)

When I saw the color strip for this week's color challenge, I thought it looked like a Khaki-Brown. I like to golf in RL, and I've see that same Taupe/Khaki-Brown color on the green and had to recreate it in SL.

Pants: Alphamale -Chino Brown
Top: Alphamale - White Polo Shirt
Visor: CheerNo - Tyler Hair Pure Brown/White Visor
Location: Green Acres (includes Golf Club)
Pose: !BANG - Squatters 2

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

What's on Sale?

There are a tons of sales in Second Life and a lot of them include a few items for men. I don't go out and buy all of them because I usually have the item or something similar. However, I feel that is a disservice as a blogger and I should display all sales items on here. What's on sale for the men today? Well it's Fifty Linden Friday!

FIR & MNA offer a nice cardigan that is unisex.

There are four unisex sweaters at Tiny Bird. Each sweater costs 50L!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

24 Hours, 10L Skins

Okay, guys. Here's the deal, you've got 24 hours to get three skins at the price of 10L. I'm using my own shape in all the pictures. The second picture is a dark toned skin. I would increase the exposure so you can see, but I rather show you how it looks on my viewer without editing.
Not much more to say about that, so what are you waiting for!?

Picture 1:

Skin: Aa -Damien Skin (10L)

Picture 2:

Skin: Aa- N'soah Skin (10L)

Picture 3:

Skin: Essences- David Skin (10L)

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You Know, Those Days?

There are days, weekends especially, when I just wear a simple shirt and jeans. You know, the kind of mornings where you wake up and put on the jeans that are laying on the floor by your bed? They fit perfectly because they're already worn in from the day(s) before. And hats are my best friend for when I have to run out to grab my morning coffee, but my hair is a hot mess. Urban Warehouse and Kari have helped me create an outfit I might wear on one of those days. The boots are free via Lucky Letter Prize. There are three gifts that change every 5 minutes. Kari is having a sale on a lot of their items, everything for 50L! I love hats, so I pretty much bought them all.

Picture 1:

Hat: Kari - Rudeboy Hat (50L)
Belt: Kari - Plain Belt/Brown *fatpack* (50L)
Shoes: UW - Worker Boots (Lucky Letter Prize)

Picture 2:

Hat on Left : Kari - Guerilla Hat (50L)
Hat on Right: Kari - Newsboy Cap Stitched (50L)

Head on over to Dead Bunneh and join their group. They have a group gift (skin) for guys and girls.

Picture 3:

Skin: Dead Bunneh - Geoff Skin (Group Gift)

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Here We Go Again

Graduate classes and work have started once again, so I may not be able to post as frequent as I have been. The good news is that it's my last semester, so I plan on this being the end of my education and the start of my career! I'm definitely counting the days down till May.
Before I crack open my textbooks, I want to show you the great deals I've stumbled upon the last few days.

Picture 1:

Top: UpperMan -Yellow Striped Hoodie (Group Gift)

Pictures 2 -4:

Tops: Somapop - 696 longsleeve blue/black/grey (TNBT Hunt #34)
*Scarf Black included in hunt gift*

Picture 5:

Outfit: 22769 - Jaunty Sale Outfit 1 (49L)

Picture 6:

Outfit: 22769- Open paisley shirt/ Cashmere Jumper/ Stonedwashed jeans (TNBT Hunt)

Picture 7:

Outfit: 22769- Yingyang tee/Army Denim (Group Gift)

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