Meshing About

Janie (from Jane) and some of her friends have put out some more mesh items and I was glad to go and grab them.  I am loving the new sizes Janie is putting in the folders so that they should match up to pretty much any shape. 

I wasn't quite the right sizes for the dress made by Raspberry (Janie's friend). I am a bit bigger than a small, cos of my curves, and not quite big enough for a large.  But I know that designers will get the hang of sorting sizes as mesh becomes more popular.

The other item I had to show today is from Beautiful Dirty Rich and was a gift for the Fashion Freaks Group. It also gives you a preview of a new line with lots of great new colours.

Pic 1:
Dress:  Jane - 2nd Skin Dress - Horizon - Charcoal (200L - the size I am wearing is called 'Fair')

Pic 2:
Dress:  Raspberry @ Jane - Heirloom Dress (200L - the size I am wearing is 'small')

Pic 3:
Dress:  Beautiful Dirty Rich - Celebration - Lilac (Group Gift to Fashion Freaks)


Boho Chick

I saw these outfits from PurpleMoon and had to run and grab.  There are three outfits available for 60L each, but they are not out for long, so run and grab.  I managed to get two pics done and thought I wouldn't push my luck. 

I wanted to thank people for all their words of support as I try and sort my photo/crashing issues.  You all completely rock.

Pic 1:
Boho Outfit in Blue

Pic 2:
Boho Outfit in Orange


Tea, Anyone?

Spruce Up Your Space this weekend is all about Tea Time.  Nothing like a lovely cup of tea to calm the nerves (see my post from yesterday).

Today I was so excited because I managed to get a run of two pics in a row before crashing! Then it was all downhill from there, so these two pics were the only I managed to get.

Pic 1 and 2:  {what next}
Bed, Tray and Laptop: Morning Tea Bed and Tray (150L in SUYS)
Beside Table, Shelf and Items:  Morning Tea Beside Table and Shelf (75L in Lazy Sunday)

Much later....

A Miracle!!
A miracle happened and I managed to get two more pics done.  Please excuse the roughness, but I went for success not arty!

Pic 3:
Furniture:  Second Spaces -   In the Garden, Jeeves (150L in SUYS)

Pic 4:
Picnic Set:  La'Licious - Tea Time Train (150L in SUYS)


Move Like Jagger

Okay the title of this post has nothing to do with anything, but it's the song that's stuck in my head by Maroon 5. I've got a myriad of things to show and tell you, so let's get started.
P.S. PoseWorks has re-branded itself and is now Shea La Vie! The store has recently reopened with a lot of new and exciting poses, such as the one shown below.

Picture 1:

Pose: Shea La Vie - This Way (New Pose from Shea La Vie)
*Free individual pose available at store*

Saturday Night Fevah is also back! During SNF, participating stores have placed a new release item out and marked it as 40L.

Picture 2:

Top: Aura - Mens Vintage Tee's -om nom 4- (40L)

If you're looking for more tees, stop over to Bleh/Barn Owl. They have a TON of graphic tees on the ceiling (see picture below). The best part about it? They're all FREE!

Picture 3:

Top: Bleh - Kill Your TV (0L)

Finally, head over to Santo to pick up unisex shoes, as well has free mens clothes.

Picture 4:

Jacket: SANTO - Speed Jacket (0L)

Picture 5:

Outfit: SANTO - Sweatsuit (0L)



I honestly almost did shed tears for this one lonely pic.  SL had me beaten today.  I crashed EVERY single time I took a photo.  So, I downloaded other viewers (I use V2) and they hated me. Couldn't even rez.

Then I reloaded SL.  Of course, then I had lost all my windlight settings so had to sort that.

Finally, I left the sim I was in and took the pic at home in case that was the issue.  I managed to get this one pic before I crashed again.

It is apt that the colour for the Blogger Colour Challenge is LIVER, because I am really needing a drink...

I decided to make this a 'back to school' pic.  That is always a sad moment.  Picture this by a train track, cos that is where it was supposed to be.

Sorry there are no URLs to anything because of the whole crashing thing.  I will add them tomorrow. 

A new day, so here is the lowdown to what I was wearing on Crashy Day.

Hair:  Truth - Tasmine - Chocolate (250L for Colour Pack)
Sweater:  []Pole[] - Hotty Sweater - Charcoal (Not sure where this store is...)
Skirt and Socks:  ALEIDA - Jenny - Schoolgirl (Re-Opened store, so not sure if it is available there)
Skin:  YS & YS - Alice - 02 (75L at The Dressing Room)
Makeup and Eyes:  Izzie's - Sad Eyes - Green and Tears Makeup (90L in TOSL)
Boots:  Coco Designs - Lace-Up Work Boots (200L in Sale)
Bag:  (Store No Longer Exists) - Conspiracy Briefcase
Pose:  Glitterati - Purse 2 (100L for Set in Sale)
House:  {what next} - Laurel Cottage (1500L)


I Am Euphoric Too!

Anything Mister can do, I can too!  That is why when he told me about the End of Summer Sale at Euphoria, I skipped on over and grabbed a few 50L bargains.  Yusss! 

For all the individual store URLs go here!

Pic 1:
Outfit:  Fishy Strawberry - Outfit #1 (50L in EOS Sale)
Pose: [Lauria] - Stay Cool (Not in sale)
Lemonade Stand: Crackberry - Meme's Lemonade Stand (10L)

Pic 2:
Outfit:  Fishy Strawberry - Outfit #2 (50L in EOS Sale)

Pic 3:
Outfit:  Fishy Strawberry - Outfit #3 (50L in EOS Sale)

Pic 4:
Top:  Pididdle - Crop Top - White (50L in EOS Sale)

Pic 5:
Dress:  MichaMi - Vee in Black (50L in EOS sale)

Pic 6:
Dress:  C'est La Vie - Beaded Tie Dye Dress (50L in EOS Sale)

Pic 7:
Outfit:  d.Select - Low Rise Jeans and Tube Top (50L in EOS Sale)


Euphoria End of Summer Sale 2011

The end of summer can be upsetting for some, but here's something that might lift your spirts. Euphoria is having a sale, where participating designers reduce an item or items to 50L!
Guys, there are five stores participating, so don't feel left out! Below are pictures of the items on sale and the slurls to the stores. I found it to be a big laggy at the sim, so I suggest teleporting to each store. To get more information and a list of all the participating stores CLICK HERE.

Gabriel: Open Hoodies/Dark Grey

Gabriel: Military Shirt/ Olive

FIR & MNA - Delaney Shoes/ White

Zenith Fashion - Falcons Tee/Brown

Muism- Troy Boots/ White (Demo provided)



If you live on the east coast of North America, you'll understand when I say the word, "Irene". She's coming, in full force, for a vacation headed straight towards New York. So, if you can't get out of the house the next few days, here are some places in-world to check out!

Also, does anyone know of any tutorials or classes I could take as an introduction on building with mesh? Like using programs such as Blender.

Picture 1:

Top: 20.Five - Argyle Gray/Tan (25L *everything in the store is 25L!!*)

Picture 2:

Boxerbriefs: Vitamen - Monthly Freebie (0L)

Picture 3:

Top: Guarded Cross - Coca Cola (0L *lower floor*)
Shorts: SZD - Lowered Shorts/Black (Group Gift)

Picture 4:

Top: Guarded Cross -Superman World Citizenship (0L *lower floor*)

Picture 5:

Top: Guarded Cross - Bulldog Cafe (0L *lower floor*)
Shorts: SZD - Lowered Shorts/Blue (Group Gift)

Picture 6:

Top: Guarded Cross - HONDA (0L *lower floor*)


Simply Irresistible

I try, I try hard to save all my lil' Lindens, but I cant resist a good deal. There are a lot of sales and events out there, so it's easy to *right click, buy*. Lately, I've been good and I always choose to seek out quality items and not just buy things because they're on sale. If you're looking for something that is both quality and a bargain, look no further.

Picture 1:

Top: =Blast= @ Grunge Soul Project - Plaid Shirt Blue (100L)
Shorts: Coco Homme- Cargo Shorts /Sahara (100L Store sale up to 75% off)

Picture 2:

Top: Kal Rau @ The Tropicalia Bazaar -VLongsleeves (70L)
Pants:Kal Rau @ The Tropicalia Bazaar - Kaki Pants (70L)


All Meshed Up

Today I heard about this new-fangled 'mesh' thing.  It was a hot topic in group chat.  I hadn't heard about it at all so I asked lots of questions.

I got this from the SL website:

"Mesh is a new capability that allows polygonal models (meshes) that were created in external applications to be imported into Second Life. Mesh models are in COLLADA (.dae) format, similar to those used to create models for video games, films, and animation."

Well, that was helpful...not.

So, I copied this from the notecard I received from Janie, the owner of Jane, who released Mesh items today:

"Mesh is worn on top of the avatar, much like clothing would in real life.  By nature, mesh clothing cannot be modified within Second Life.  You CAN change the attachment points over and over and they will always automatically align to the place the creator placed them.  This is great as you will no longer have to realign items you move from point to point.  Mesh is also created to move with your body.  If you should sit down while wearing a mesh skirt, the skirt will bend with you, rather than having a rigid sculpt or prim jutting out in front of you.  You will no longer need glitch layers to conceal the fact that a leg is sticking out of the side of your skirt.  If you kick your leg in the air, the mesh skirt will stretch with the kick.  It's truly amazing."

There is more on the card, so when I get permission I will put it as a separate page at the top of the blog.

So far it is only the official Second Life Viewer (Version 3.0.0) and Kirstens that support mesh.  Here is an example of what it will look like to non-supported viewers HERE .

The big up for me is how few items it adds to your inventory total.  This is my folder of the dress in Pic 3.  Instead of tons of layers and prims, there is just an alpha and 1 prim!  I also love the lack of joins and seams.  Is so cool.

I am concerned how I will appear to others who do not have supported viewers however.  Perhaps we will have to set up areas for Mesh Supported Viewers...bit elitist.

After posting this, I hassled my friend Ben, who uses the Phoenix Viewer, to come and take a pic for me so you can see what the new mesh items will look like to people using non-supported viewers.  It is sad because I was feeling all glam until I saw this!  Oh, and by the way, Ben came straight from a lingerie party and now I am scarred for life.


The items that show prices are Mesh items, while the rest are available at Jane too (apart from the boots from Coco of course!).

Pic 1:
Skirt:  Maxi Skirt - Meeana - Truffle (150L)
Tank: Intrinsic Tank - Br.Truffle

Pic 2:
Shorts: Gingham - Black (150L)
Tank:  Intrinsic Tank - Wh.Milk
Boots:  Coco Designs - Work Boots - Black (200L)

Pic 3:
Dress:  Tank Dress - Chevron - Delicious (200L)

Pic 4:
Dress:  Sack Dress - Tweet - Marine (200L)

Pic 5:
Jeans - Classic Fit - Shreds (150L)
Tee:  Essence Tee - Pewter


Gettin' Tanked!

Ya'll, I got a new computer and after logging in today, I feel like I'm in Second Life for the first time again. With my Apple Macbook, I was stuck on low settings; I was crippled. But now, I can see water reflections, grass, and even clouds! There's only one problem, I can't use shadows on the official SL viewer or on Kirstens. Every time I check off "lighting and shadows", I just crash. My graphics card is a Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce GTX 460, so it should be able to handle it, right?
Anyone have any advice?

Picture 1:

Shirt: INDI Designs - Leighton Part 5 (5L)
Cargo Shorts :INDI Designs- Leighton Part 6 (5L)

Picture 2:

Tank: *FAC* - Get Stupid Green (0L)

Picture 3:

Tank: *FAC*- Light My Candle (0L)

Picture 4:

Tank: *FAC* - Maya (0L)

Picture 5:

Tank: Upperman/SE - SE Red Tank (Group Gift)

Picture 6:

Cargo Shorts :INDI Designs- Leighton Part 2 (5L)
Tank: *FAC*- Get Stupid (0L)

Picture 7:

Tank: *FAC* - Run For Cover (0L)