Our Interpretation of the Back to Black Themes Part 1

My lovely friend, Honor, and I wanted to come up with pictures that represented the themes from the Back to Black event.  We came up with ideas and then used the clothes and items from B2B to help portray those ideas.

All these poses (unless stated otherwise) are from aDORKable Poses and we want to thank aDORKable for her support in this!

Sweater: [DIAPOP] - Every Girl Needs a Comfy, Soft Sweater
Pants:  [IrEn] - Comfy Sweatpants - Olive
Not in B2B:  Hair:  MINA Hair, Shoes:  HOC Industries

Top and Pants:  Somnia - Taken Names Set
Necklace:  WTG - Courage Necklace
Skin:  NVious - Courage M1
Not in B2B:  Hair:  MINA Hair, Shoes:  HOC Industries

Pose and Background:  Sparrowtree Studios Poses - Determination
Outfit:  Izzie's - Leisure Outfit Grey/White (from Serenity)
Not in B2B:  Hair:  [COLORS], Shoes:  HOC Industries

Hair:  MINA Hair - Yva
Necklace:  Psychobits -  Resists Baby Necklace
Makeup:  Acid&Mala - Nude Lips - Pale 20% Pout
Outfit:  [CheerNo] -  Pants and Top from Dominic
Pose and Background:  Sparrowtree Studios Poses - Determination
Not in B2B:  Shoes:  HOC Industries

Skin:  Idiosyncracy Imogen
Jewellery:  TP!B - Backward Necklace
Jeans:  Tutti Frutti - One for all jeans
Hoodie:  Philo - Women's Hoodie - Black
Shoes:  AV!SAGE - My Crystal Heart Pumps (from Heart)

Skin:  AKERUKA - Lisa Mk2
Gloves:  Somnia - Kickin' Ass and Taken Names Boxing Gloves
Not in B2B:  Hair:  Raspberry Aristocrat

Outfit:  Nemesis  - Bodysuit - Poppy
Skin:  AV!SAGE - Emmy Skin


More Back to Black

Here are more items from the Back to Black event.  Remember, these are the last couple of days so don't miss out!


Happy Day

The weekend in SL is always great and this weekend was no different.  Now, I do have to apologise as a couple of these items may not still be available at the special weekend prices, but I know they will still be available in-store.

Pic 1:
Pool:  Trompe Loeil - Natural Stone Hot Tub (was 150L for SUYS)

Pic 2:
Seat:  Second Spaces - Bad Romance Reading Nook (was 150L in SUYS)

Pic 3:
Deck Set:  {what next} - Alhambra Deck Chair Set - Yellow and Blue (EPOCH - Art of Escher)

Pic 4:
Bedroom Set:  Cleo Designs - Breakfast in Bed (New Items)

Pic 5:
Lounge Set:  Cleo Design - Daddy's Corner (75L for Taste of SL)

Pic 6:
Lounge Items:  LISP Bazaar - Spring Words Set (New Items)


Back to Black - Last Few Days

It is the last few days of Back to Black so make sure you don't miss out on these amazing items and at supporting this worthwhile event that is raising awareness of mental well-being.

Here are some more of the amazing things that you can find there!  I will show you more tomorrow...


Outdoor Petite

These are lovely new Petite items from L'aize Dayz and they are just perfect for that elven or fairy area you are creating.  Cos I know you are!

Outfit is from That Chick - Woodland Scout - Black and hair is Wasabi Pills - Amandine Petite Mesh Hair - Wild Honey.

'Scuse the pic quality, but SL would only let me save on lowest setting.  Grrr!

Petite Boat - Dark (Light version also available)

Petite Tent, Petite Fire, Breakfast Pan,Tiny Patch of Daisies, and Petite Camping Lantern

Petite Adirondack Chair and Fire

Petite Hanging Garden Seat and Well


52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Dandelion

This post was a easy peasy one.  I found this outfit, grabbed these awesome grass and daisy sets and 'voila'!  I am a happy blogger!

Ever wondered why dandelions always look so green and lush and awesome?  Well, I know why...

I am calling this one:


Outfit:  { SeVered GarDeN } - Olga in Yellow 
Hair:  R.icielli - Tuwa - Platinum Blonde
Skin:  Belleza - Chloe
Lashes and Eyes:  Amacci  - Belle Lashes and Sapphire 21 Eyes
Tattoo:  Endless Pain - Romantic Elf
Grass and Dandelions:  KIDD Creations - Green Meadow and Dandelion with Emitter
Poses:  aDORKable Poses - Stroll


Epoch Style

The fashion and art festival, EPOCH, has some great venues for guys.
They are centered around three themes:  Art of Escher, Beast, and Clown.

The main landing point is here. There are signs available that will TP you to the specific venue.
*If you haven't permanently switched over to a mesh viewer, you may want to. A lot of the builds consist of mesh.*

Hair: U. December - Picasa
Shirt/Tie: 2byte - Art of Escher denim shirts (Art of Escher Venue)
Jacket: Sleepy Eddy - Classic Safari Jacket (Beast Venue)
Pants: Kal Rau- Kaki Pants


"Yeah, They Were All Yellow"

Back onto the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge! I've missed the last two, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things (don't hold me to it). Usually Rhed and I do cute, "awww" worthy photos together; however,  this time we figured it was time to fire things up! We love this pose, it's seductive, but not raunchy. Also, we found that a lot of poses always have one person being dominant, while the other just stands/sits idle. In this pose, both partners are contributing and that just makes the photo more interesting.
This week's color is "dandelion".

On Mister 

Skin: Birth- Nico
Hair: Exile- Jackson 
Boxer briefs: Lazybum -Square Cut Briefs (Gold)
Pose: XPose -51b

On Rhed
and furniture used


Loads of Lovely

Have a whole pile of great home items for your enjoyment.  Real mix of items with one thing in common: GREAT!

Pic 1:
Table and Chairs:  [CIRCA] - Falling in Love - Chess Sitting Set (Fall in Love with Prims Hunt)

Pic 2:
Bath and Petals:  [CIRCA] - Rose Petal Tub Set (Hearts Ablaze Hunt)

Pic 3:
Window and Seats:  [CIRCA] - Lofty Window Seat and Lofty Cushion Seats (Season's Palette Hunt)

Pic 4:
Rug and Accessories:  L'aize Dayz - Lazy Day Blanket (New Item)

Pic 5:
Boat:  {what next} - Boathouse Cottage Row Boat (New Item)


While I Wait...

While I wait, patiently (NOT), for all the weekend things to arrive in stores, I have some newness from around the place to keep the shopping bugs at bay.

I hope you realise the suffering I go through to get these items:  fighting lag and other avis at The Dressing Room, having to de-script and walk like a duck at The Festival of Sin, and having to unpack boxes whilst risking severe paper cuts.  It is a burden, but I push on.  LOL.

On a personal note:  It is hard being from the future and it being the weekend in Aryaland and waiting for the world to catch up.  Some mock me and call me Arya McFly (you know who you are...coughANIcough), but they do not understand my pain cos I am super impatient and waiting just sucks.

Background:  PNP - Lazy Days 13

Pic 1:
Outfit:  Ever An' Angel - Two Tiered Vintage Skirt - Dove/Plum (350L - Top comes with)
Hair:  MINA Hair - Moriko - Dark Browns (250L at The Festival of Sin)
Skin:  YS&YS - Alice - Cool (70L at The Dressing Room)

Pic 2:
Top:  Ever An' Angel  - Ballerina Sweater - Wine (250L)
Skirt:  Ever An' Angel - By the Fire - MESH Skirt - Wine (350L)
Necklace:  FINESMITH - Beautiful Sadness (New Item)
Clutch:  FINESMITH - Clutch Bag - Sequins - Black - MESH (New Item)

Pic 3:
Skirt:  MichaMi - Houndstooth Skirt - MESH (50L at TDR)
Necklace: FINESMITH - White Noise Necklace (New Item)
Shoes:  R.icielli - Oxford II Ankleboots - Beige (50L in Sale)
Clutch:  FINESMITH - Clutch Bag - Sequins - Gold - MESH (New Item)

Pic 4:
Dress:  [SAKIDE] - Greedy for Money Dress (140L at Festival of Sin)
Clutch:  FINESMITH - Clutch Bag - Sequins - Gold - MESH (New Item)

Pic 5:
Lingerie:  [SAKIDE] - Rubbing Latex Lingerie - Black (120L at FoS)


More Petite Fun

This awesome stump from That Chick is great for any Petite Party!  Just tell your friends to bring the dandelion juice and mixed seeds for snacks!  TP to KaiAna Store and take the TP to the Petites area.  Make sure you check out the KaiAna items too!

Stump:  That Chick - Petites Social Stump (150L)


Petite and Proud

Ok, I am a tad obsessed with my petite avi, but mostly cos I have discovered amazing items for my Petite to enjoy.  I almost want to give her a whole separate name...

Anyway, I have these cool items from That Chick and KaiAni to show you that will have your Petite jumping for joy! (Petite items at same place.  If LM takes you to entrance, use TP point and go to PETITES area).

Background is PNP - ICN - NaNoBoSc - 5 (100L for Pack)

Pic 1 and 2:
Outfit:  That Chick - Woodland Scout - Black (150L)

Pic 3:
Outfit and Staff:  That Chick - Forest Pixy Outfit (150L)
Boots:  That Chick - Petites Scout Boots - Brown (150L - with HUD)

Pic 4:
Gown:  KaiAna - Emma (200L)
Wings:  KaiAna - Petite Fairy Wings - Texture Change (250L)

Pic 5:
Gown:  KaiAna - Lady Amanda - White (150L)

Pic 6 and 7:
Stump:  That Chick - Petites Social Stump (150L)
Boots:  That Chick - Petites Scout Boots - Colour (150L - with HUD for Colour Change)

I have some handy hints for you too!  The lovely Kai and Anastasia gave me a helpful notecard for helping make my avi look perfect, cos I was having issues with feet sunk in the ground!  I have copied this info from that notecard:

  • Petites and Shoes:  As you may have already figured out.... shoe shapes do NOT do nice things to the feet of Petites Mesh avatars. How to get around this? Easy as 1, 2, 3...
  1. Detach your feet and attach your new footwear. 
  2. FIRESTORM:  Open your Advanced Tab on the top of your viewer. If you do not have your advanced tab showing you can bring it up by hitting  ctrl+alt+d.  Go to "Show Debug Settings" and in the text field type:   avatarzOffset.  Adjust the value numbers until you're happy with your placement above the ground.  (I'd suggest trying 0.500 to start with) .
  3. FIRESTORM (Alternate):  Quick Preferences, raise your Height Offset as needed.
  4. SL VIEWER 3:  Open the developer menu through the Advanced menu ( Ctrl +Alt+ D), there is an option towards the bottom.  Develop>Avatar>Character Tests>Allow Select Avatar.  Then Ctrl+3 to start the editor, and click on your avatar's body.  Please note that you need to click where your invisible av body is and NOT on your petites mesh body for this to work! 
  5. PHOENIX: In the Preferences, click the Avatar tab.. and it will bring up the X, Y, and Z modifier.  Change the Z modifier as needed.
  6. EXODUS:  Quick Tools Selection -> Click Gear Box -> in Options.
  7. SINGULARITY:  Preference -> Vanity -> Body Dynamics
With special thanks to AineMari Flanagan and the members of the ~petite~ group for these hints on other viewers!