Soooo Much to Share

I have so much to share that I am doing a double post today.  Make sure you check out the post below this to get a looksee at some of the items from The Summer Harvest Hunt.

This post is all about furniture and home items.  I have had some of these sitting in my inventory for a week, so it is time to get them out and share them with you.  

You are all getting a sneak peek of a new house from a favourite designer of mine...but I am not telling who and I am not telling you which pic it is in. The house will be released sometime over the weekend.  

Pic 1:
Wall Decor:  {what next} - Falling Wall Decor (10L in Four Walls Hunt)

Pic 2:
Furniture:  Senzafine - 'Xochitl' (New Release - Rug, Wall Art and Bird of Paradise Plant are 60L items this weekend)

Pic 3:
Tree and Swing:  [CIRCA] - Rose Fable Tree in Midnight (Fairest of Them All Hunt - also in red)

Pic 4:
Lounge:  [CIRCA] - Parisian Conversation Bench (If I Were Rich Hunt - Finishes Tomorrow)

Pic 5:
Planter:  Vaughan's House of Curiosities - Love Potion (Fashion Voodoo - Finishes Tomorrow)

Pic 6:
Sidetable:  Senzafine - Cloud Nine Console Table and Lamp (Serendipity Hunt)

Pic 7:
Chair:  Senzafine - Heritage Window Seat (Four Walls Hunt)

The following items are a couple from the Home and Garden Market Mystery Weekend.  "It's a fun event where shopper pay 25L for a box which has a home and garden item in it but its a complete mystery what is in there until they get home and open it!

For shoppers who love home and garden items and opening Christmas and Birthday pressies - this event is for you!"  All items are valued over 50L each, so you are getting bargains!

I am not going to tell you which stores these items are from or it will ruin the mystery!


Summer Harvest Hunt

Starting on the 1st of September is The Ego Co's Summer Harvest Hunt and it is promising to be a goodie!  It is always tough finding just the right hunt, but you will love this one!

Here is a sneak peek at just a few of the items you will be hunting for...

Pic 1:
Dress:  22769 - Nneka Dress

Pic 2:
Dress:  *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* - Shift Dress - Sunset

Pic 3:
Outfit:  [SAKIDE] - End of Summer Outfit

Pic 4:
Top:  [Sleeping Koala] - My Bra Flashing Top
Skirt:  Happy Undead - Mini Skirt

Pic 5:
Necklace:  ::SWEET LEONARD:: - Autumn Whispering Necklace
Bag:  *Tea Time* - Cute Tree Bag
Dress:  Medley - Baggy Sweater

Hair:  D!va - Tomoko2
Skin:  Mojo - noMarylin
Scene:  Garden of Dreams - Dreamscape - The Wood Glade+


I Heart Acid Lily

I love Acid Lily.  Fresh new items every week and at such amazing prices.  Who could ask for more?  As you know I have a pet peeve about people begging for money in SL and saying it costs loads to look good.  Is simply not true.  You can still look fab in SL for very little money and Acid Lily is a great example of a place where you can get awesome items that won't break the bank!

Pic 1:
Dress:  *BeReckless* - Mesh Lace Dress Blue
Shoes:  Opium - Wedge Pumps Mt

 Pic 2:
Outfit:  LoLa - Tracking Black

Pic 3:
Lingerie:  1 Hundred - Temptation - Hearts
Sweater:  [trs] - Grandpa Cardigan - Vintage Floral

Pic 4:
Nightie and Shoes:  PatchWork Heart - Naughty Nighty Peach

Pic 5:
Tattoo:  Tenjin - Lost in Paradise Tattoo

Pic 6;
Shape:  Yingy's - Maddy Shape
Panties:  LoLa - Smexy Sports Undie


And All This Stuff

It is time to show you some other items from round SL that I have neglected of late.  I know some of these items may no longer be brand-spanking new, but they are still worth showing.

The hair is the same as I showed you yesterday.  It is called Awkward and is from Magika.  Hopefully you will get a better look at it today.

Pic 1:
Gown:  [SAKIDE] - White Fairest Dress - Floral (Fairest of Them All Hunt)

Pic 2
Headphones: {PopTart} - Mesh Butterfly Heaphones- White (Recent Item)
Top:  [Caution] - Misunderstood (Fashion Voodoo)
Jeans: Hucci - Shoshanna Denim - Starfish (Recent Item)
Shoes:  Hucci - Nia Pump - Corner Red (Recent Item)

Pic 3:
Gown:  Leri Miles Designs - Hunt Gift (Fairest of Them All Hunt)

Pic 4:
Dress:  Leverocci - Weiss Dress - Pastel Blue (Group Gift)

Pic 5:
Swimwear:  Miamai - Oula - Lotus (Group Gift)


Dressing for Voodoo

I have a few more bits and pieces from the Depraved Nation Fashion Voodoo event.  There is only a few days left, so I am trying to show you as much as I can before it is all over.  I am sad thinking about that!

The hair I am wearing in these pics is from Magika and is a new item called Awkward.  It is a funky ponytail and I will wear it again so you get to see the whole thing.  It is not at Fashion Voodoo.

Pic 1:
Skin:  EnvyMe - Nessa Skin - Glam
Dress:  !Intrepid - Jersey Knit - Sage

Pic 2:
Dress:  AngelRED - Partial Mesh Minidress

Pic 3:
Outfit:  Crank Designs - Anna Lena

Pic 4:
Top:  AVALE - Helena - Goddess
Pants:  AVALE - Lara - Night

Pic 5:
Top:  ~Shabby Cat~ - Jinx Mesh Tank - Pink


The End Draws Close

The last few days of the Depraved Nation Fashion Voodoo event are upon us, so if you haven't been over yet, then you better get a wriggle on!  Do not come crying to me if you miss out on all the amazing things to be bought there.

Here are a few more items.

Pic 1:
Skin:  [essencial] - Voodoo Drow - Cry Blood
Top:  :::insanya::: - Voodoo Mesh Corset - Black
Skirt:  Death Row Designs - Lace Dress - Artsy
Piercings:  ellabella - Ivory

Pic 2:
Top:  [AsYLUM] - Lunatic Long Sleeve
Leggings:  .::PiCHi::. - KIM Leggings - Black

Pic 3:
Skin:  [essencial] - Voodoo Drow - Crie Me a River
Top:  FY - Loose Knit Sweater - Red

Pic 4:
Top:  FreakyDesign - Gothic Totoro Jersey

Pic 5:
Top:  1 Hundred - Madame Corset - Red


What Now at What Next

I have been so slack lately and I am apologising to the lovely Winter for not being here to blog all her yummy items.  I loved LOVED playing round with all of these and I know you will enjoy them ALL too.

So row your boat on over to {what next} to grab these or take a balloon ride to Collabor88

Trunks - Mayfair Trunk - London and Mayfair Trunk - Saddle Brown (50L Friday)

Boats:  Solent Mist Row Boat (top) and Lakeview Row Boat (Recent Releases)

Balloon - Grand Day Out Hot Air Balloon (Collabor88)


Back with Acid

I am back from moving house and doing battle with the forces of darkness to get phone and net on.  It is so good to be back, although I see you have been kept informed and entertained by my illustrious co-blogger, so I knew you were in good hands.

Today I have some items from this week's round at Acid Lily.  Remember, all these items will only be here til Sunday, as the new round starts each Monday, so do not dilly dally about getting over there.

NOTE:  All items are from Acid Lily unless otherwise stated.

Pic 1:
Shape:  Yingy's - Lily Shape
Top:  *BeReckless* - Mesh Tube Top - Grey
Shoes:  Opium - Crossed 2 Tones Heels
Clutch:  "DEW" - Iris Clutch - Pink
Skin:  [theSkinnery] - Emma 2 - Midnight - Honey (The Dressing Room)
Hair:  D!va - Manon - Type A - Moonstone (Collabor88)
Jeans: {PopTart} - Hipster Jeans - Black (Recent Release)

Pic 2:
Shirt:  LoLa Creations - College Shirt - Blacks - Pink

Pic 3:
Shirt:  ^TinRoof - Dotty - Mocha Latte

Pic 4:
Dress and Boots:  PatchWork Heart - Lacy Knit Dress - Peach and Lacy Knit Boots

Pic 5:
Dress:  Sassy! - Summer Leaf - Pink Dress


Back to School 4

Some of you might have been surprised that I've enrolled into Edgewood Preparatory School. Me? Studious? Pffft. I'll let you in on my real intentions for going there. You see, I was working at my minimum wage job after school and in came this hot, blonde bombshell. I'm talkin' about 36- 24- 36, guys. She was wearing her Edgewood varsity jacket, and I thought, "Sweet baby cheeezus, I gotta know her!" 
 I was lost in her splendor and when I finally snapped out of it, she was gone! I hope I can find her before the term ends. 

Yesterday, the head mistress of the school talked about school colors and outfits. I figured I'd give my take on the school colors and make it! If I can't find her, at least I'll be looking good trying. Mystery girl, where are you!?

Picture 1:

Hat: Argrace - Baseball Cap
Backpack- Kal Rau- Urban Back pack
Shirt: Hoorenbeek - Mesh Basic Shirt
Pants: Hoorenbeek-Mesh Pants Beige
Tie: WC -sophistiQ
Shoes: GOS -Desert Boots

Picture 2:
Jacket with shirt:  Hoorenbeek - Corduroy Jacket
Shorts: CM - Trepid Jean Shorts
Shoes: 2real - FWings

Picture 3:

Beanie: Entente- Slouch Beanie
Shirt w/ tie: CM - messy shirt
Pants: Epicosity -Casual Chino / Red