The Challenge - Public Transportation

The end of this month quietly snuck up on me and then yelled "BOOOO!" when I started getting items through to blog for The Challenge.  I am pretty sure my exact words were, "No way!".  But yes it was, way and here we are.

This month's theme for The Challenge is Public Transportation, hence the post title...

I have some cool items to show you, along with this fab outfit from 22769.  It is the Obi Top in Purple and the Marlene Pants in Chefron.  These are available at The Liason Collaborative - The Boutique '5th Avenue'.

The hair I am wearing is from a new brand to me called [Underscore].  The style I am wearing is Chiara from the Realistic Blondes colour pallet.

My shoes are from G*Field and the handbag is from PurpleMoon Creations.

22769 [bauwerk] - Art Nouveau Bus Stop

 22769 [bauwerk] - Art Nouveau Newspaper Stand

{{BSD - Design Studio}} - Art Nouveau Station

Piddler's Perch - Inner City Artists Bus Shelter


Sad in the Kitchen

I had set up this amazing new Country Kitchen from L'aize Dayz to do the photos when I found out that this fabulous store, one of my favourite in SL, is closing.  I was so disappointed.  It seems like so many of the stores I love have gone and this is just one more in a long line.

The thing I have always loved about LD was the affordability of the furniture.  Heavenly, the owner and designer, said she started the store to create quality affordable furniture and she has always done just that.  I know my SL decorating will not be the same without the wonderful items that Heavenly has consistently brought out for us to enjoy.

For those of you who have not been to L'aize Dayz before, or in a while, take this time til Sunday to head over and take advantage of the super sale before this store closes.  You will see what I mean by quality and I hope you all walk away with a little piece of this store for your SL homes.

These photos are taken inside my new house from Cozy Homes.  I will be showing it off very soon.  It is called the Beach Cottage and I am loving it.

The pantry in photo 2 on the left hand side of the pic is from Second Spaces and is the Rustic Pantry.

NB:  My avi is short.  She always has been.  This kitchen is for normal-sized avis, which is why I look little!  Hehe.


In the Attic

In Aryaland we don't really build houses with attics.  Growing up, I had one friend who had a house with an attic.  Actually it was 4 attics joined together by a sort of passageway.  For those of you who are CS Lewis fans like I am, you will know what I was imagining when we played there.

In SL I have a favourite attic.  It is My Attic @ The Deck and the theme this time is Flowers in My Attic.  Nice!  This photo box is from W.Winx and is also called Flowers in My Attic and has some fab poses for you and your friends to take pics in.

My hair is also at My Attic and is from MINA Hair.

I decided to take pics too, of some great fashion items!

Outfit and Boots:  FireBird Designs - Studded Dungarees (Fashion Story Fair)
Skin and Shape - Panda Punx - Verity Shape and Verity Skin - Sunkissed (Autumn Market Fair)

Skirt and Tee:  Luckie - TAE Skirt and Top (The Autumn Effect Hunt)
Sweater:  1 Hundred - Smexy Sweater (TAE Hunt)

Tunic:  *LOULOU&CO* - Tunic - Amanita (TAE Hunt)

Hoodie:  Forever Young - Fall Hoodie (TAE Hunt)
Shorts:  American Bazaar - Boy Short - Orange



Saw this great outfit from [SAKIDE] and figured it was time I got in shape for ice skating season.  I think this year I would like to avoid all those skating related injuries I am prone too.

So, I got up early and headed out to the deck for some weight training.

The [SAKIDE] outfit is for Perfect Wardrobe and aptly named Slamin' Outfit.  I am wearing the Black/Blue colour combo.  The sneakers are included

My hair is available from My Attic @ The Deck and is Patricia from Mina.

My shape and skin are from Panda Punx and are both Lania.

After a massive effort with the weights I decided that the kind of arm exercise I preferred was a little different...  Cookies anyone?

The Weight Bench is from Image Essentials and the Cookie Jar and Cookie are from *Boof.


You're A Good Girl And You Know It

I feel like I've put myself through plastic surgery lately.
Slink released Mesh Hands for Men this week and I have to say, they're amazing.
In addition to new hands, I caved in and bought new ears. It's incredible how realistic they look.
What to know what else I'm wearing? Credits below!

Hair: Atro Patena-Ronald
Ears: Mandala -Simple Ears
Jacket and Shirt: Corvus @ FiFriday- Black White Cruise Jacket
Jeans: Kal Rau - Casual Jeans M2
Shoes: 2Real -Holbrookz
Hands: Slink- Men's AvEhance Hands Relaxed


On the Porch

Nice sitting on the porch today in the dusk, especially with these new rockers from {what next}.  They are for Fifty Linden Friday so RUN!!!

The ones I am showing are Bramley Rocking Chair in Pine with the Autumn Cushion and the Rustic version with Knitted Cushion.

The lanterns and books are older {what next} items - Mostly Autumn Lanterns and Autumn Porch Books

This great autumn outfit is new from Dirty Little Secret. It is the Fall Outfit and comes with all you see including the fab Wellies!  You will find this for Grenade Free Weekend at an amazing price! Go take a looksee!

The hair/hat are from Exile and is called Falling For You.  You will be able to grab this at Collabor88.



This fabu outfit jumped out at me when I saw it, and I knew I just had to do some pics for ya!  Such fun!  I can almost hear the Can Can music from here.

 The outfit is from Senzafine and the fascinator is from Paper Moon.  Both are called Molly and are for Genre.

I matched them with these Lace Up Gina Boots from G*Field and this Where We Belong Hair from Exile (faMESHed).  The collar is from Scrub Factory and is the Rosary Collar.  Great combo!

The shape and skin are from Panda Punx.  They are called Lania.  The lipstick is from Tuli and is the Elyse Petal Lips in the Deviant Vamp colour.

The Curtains pose prop is from Glitterati Poses.



Autumn has landed in SL.  In fact, I have already seen a hint of Halloween about the place.  Exciting.

With the onslaught of fall comes the new hunts and I am going to show you some items from The Autumn Effect Hunt that has just started.  Here is the webpage for all the hunts and LMs.  Have hunting fun!

I also have a few other bits and pieces plus the new trees from Organica I promised yesterday.  Yay, me!

Cart in pics is from Botanical - Posed Wooden Cart (Tuscany)

Outfit:  [SAKIDE] - Harvest Outfit (Autumn Effect Hunt)
Hair:  Truth Hair - Renata (New Release)
Shape:  Panda Punx - Riley (Stuff in Stock)
Skin:  Panda Punx - Riley (Autumn Effect Hunt)
Pose: elephante poses - Getting Better (AE Hunt)

Outfit:  Leri Miles Designs - Aida Eggplant (AE Hunt)
Pose: elephante poses - Getting Better (AE Hunt)

Dress:  22769 - Misaki Dress (Gallery Gift Shop)

Dress:  Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Sugar Lolita Dress - Autumn Fall (New Release)

Trees:  Organica - Oak Tree 9 and Full Moon Maple 2 (New Releases)
House:  Trompe Loeil - Modern Mountain Cabin (Collabor88)


Country Style

I am so excited, and I just can't hide it...

In this ever-changing world of SL, so many stores seem to close, so when one re-opens it is cause for celebration.  That is how I feel about Organica re-opening its doors and giving us all the wonderful items that they are so renowned for.

Today I am showing you one of their MANY new items.  It is this gorgeous Country Bed in Gingham, and it fits so nicely in the new Modern Cabin from Trompe Loeil (Collabor88).

Tomorrow I will show you some other new Organica items, but in the meantime...enjoy and check out their website for more info HERE.

Other Items:
L'aize Dayz - Bloggers Desk Set (Includes:  Desk, Chair, Laptop, Phone, Pencil Tin, Bookcase and Accessories)
Curtains:  {what next} - Flutter Blind, Sweet Dreams Bedside Table, Caravan Nightstand Lamp and Nightstand Book
Artwork:  Awesome Blossom - Love Brought it Back Print and Cat Got Your Heart? Print
Rug:  Trill Zapatero - Dragon Rug
Trunk:  Sway's - Trunk with Blanket and Pillows
Photos:  Trompe Loeil - Hanging Line with Photos


Chapter 1

Many public school started this past week in the states, so I thought it would be interesting to do a post a "Teacher" post. For all the teachers out there, I raise my coffee to you.

What I'm Wearing:

Sweater: Redgrave- Henley knit
Pants: Bastard @TMD: Linen Casual Baggies
Classroom: Bitter Vanilla- Classroom Set



It is funny, you know.  We have the ability in SL to fly and yet we spend most of our time walking about. I know that if I could fly in RL I would be supermanning around everywhere.  However, in SL, flying does lead to some interesting moments involving high speed crashes into walls and other immovable objects or numerable counts of overshooting the desired destination.  Perhaps walking is safer.

Today I am walking about on my neighbour's land.  They have lovely paths.

Hair:  Exile - Falling for You (Collabor88)
Top:  Miss Canning - Nikita Tanktop (New Release - Bra not included...Oh, and I wore a size too small to make it look more grungy.  The neckline is normally more rounded.)
Pants:  22769 - Sweatpants (The Mens Dept)
Eyepatch:  C.C. Kreations - Rainbow Vow - Eyepatch and Cord (Acid Lily)
Books:  G.O.C. - Vintage Bookband (New Release)
Shape and Skin:  Panda Punx - Dessa


By the Fire

It is Autumn in SL.  That means it is time to clean the outdoor fireplace and get ready for some cooler weather*.  Or you can grab this fabulous Dardon Stone Patio Set from Trompe Loeil and there is no cleaning or scrubbing for you.

The set comes in pieces so you can set it up exactly the way you like it and to suit your space.  This makes it a very versatile buy.  You will find this at Collabor88.  I added some other Trompe Loeil items to show you what you can do to decorate, so the Deco Floor Lamps can be found at The Arcade, and the Countryside Outdoor Wall Lamps and Patio Lamps are at the mainstore.

I decided this patio was the perfect place to show off some clothes, so you get a mix of furniture and fashion.  Nice.

My hair is from Wasabi Pills, jewellery is from Finesmith Designs, skins and shape is from Panda Punx and all the poses are from !bang.

*It also means that I am on the countdown to Halloween...yessss.

Dress:  [SAKIDE] - Day Dress - Blue (New Release - Comes with Night version too)

Dress:  Leri Miles Designs - Arlene Dress - Seafoam (Designer Showcase)

Outfit:  ::X.Pression:: - Soleil  - Maxi Skirt and Knotted Shirt (Feeb's Rascals St. Sales Room)

Dress:  [SAKIDE] -Delhi Dress (Marquis Market)


Trompe Loeil and Botanical

A quick post today, but with two awesome items.  One is a house and one is a cart with fab poses.

The house is from Trompe Loeil and is in the current round of Collabor88.  It is called the Modern Mountain Cabin.  I will show you the inside another day, but today you get to see what it would look like on your land!

The cart is from Botanical and is aptly called the Posed Wooden Cart.  It looks great and the poses are fun too.  There are poses for singles and couples.  Such fun!

The dress I am wearing is from [Sakide].  More on that in another post!



I love Trompe Loeil and I get very excited when any new items hit the shelves.  In the case of the items I am going to show you today, you will find them on the 'shelves' at faMESHed.

The photos today are taken in a house I have fallen in love with...but more on that later...(tease there)

Oh, and did you notice how my cats managed to get in on the photos?  Photobombed by Summer and Winter. Bonus!

Trompe Loeil - Baybrooke Bedroom - Bed, Bird Lamp, Fancy Table, Framed Prints, Cabinet and Hutch (faMESHed)
[SAKIDE] - Chainmail Dress - Blue (Stalkerazzi)
Exile - Where We Belong (faMESHed)
{what next} - Greenwich Rug and Rows of Books
KittyCatS - Two very cute, but spoiled cats
22769 - Decorative Books
Interior Addiction - Bowl of Lemons
Marmalade Jam - Candle Bowl - Green
[hate this] - Storage Boxes - Photos
Panda Punx - Dessa Shape and Skin
Miamai - Candy Pumps