Oh, Happy Day!

As you may or may not know, last year a fav store of mine closed and I was very sad.  Well, today I was overjoyed to read on another blog that the *Jill* had reopened!  YAY!

I raced over and was rapt to see the cool new store and the awesome items. There was even some lovely freebies and two lucky boards.

The store is underground and the surrounding land is pretty and perfect for pics. I took advantage of this.

Pic 1:
Dress:  Ribbon Tunic Dress (100L)

Pic 2:
Top:  Lacy Tunic and Necklace (Opening Gift)
Skirt:  Striped Skirt - Black (100L)


Better Late Than Never

I know I said I would show you these yesterday, but RL got in the way ( /me shakes her fist at RL).  I am showing you today and hoping you can still grab them.  My humble apologies if not.

Pic 1 and 2:
Furniture:  *Interior Addiction* - Summer Showers *Inside Outside* Bathroom (150L in SUYS)
Top and Shorts:  DivaLicious - Denim Shorts and Pink Tank (Hot Summer Hunt)
Tattoo:  RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - Music for the Soul Tattoo (25L in Sale)

Pic 3 and 4:
Furniture: MudHoney - Dinner Party (150L in SUYS)
Outfit: Azul - GG1106#2 (Group Gift)

Pic 5 and 6:
Furniture:  La'Licious - Isla's Outdoor Entertaining Set (150L for SUYS)
Dress and Glasses:  ELUZION - Latisha Red (Subscriber Gift)
Shoes:  KLETVA - In Sunday Girl Pumps (70L at The Dressing Room Blue)
Trees and Grass:  Belle Belle - Oat Mill Farm Tree and Grass Package (190L)



What an awesome Spruce Up Your Space weekend!  I will show some of the items today and some more tomorrow because I am still having the 'take pics and crash' issue. SIGH.  Takes me ages to do even one pic.

Pic 1 and 2:
House:  Belle Belle - Oat Mille Fermette (150L in SUYS)
Tee:  Razorblade Jacket - Evil Inside (The Macabre Hunt)
Jeans:  Acid & Mala - I <3 My Jeans - Grime (Group Gift)

Pic 3 and 4:
Furniture: Little Boxes - Firefly and Daisy Set (125L in SUYS)
Tee:  Poison -  Rock Shirt 1 (New Item)
Jeans:  Acid & Mala - I <3 My Jeans - Grime Ripped (Group Gift)

Pic 5 and 6:
Rooftop and Furniture:  Ambiance - Capitol Hill (150L in SUYS)
Dress and Shoes:  Eluzion - Grishma (60L)


And the Issues Continue...

I am still having issues with taking pics in SL.  I am sick of setting up a pic and then crashing, then setting up again, then crashing...GRRR!  So, I gave up today in disgust, but will try again tomorrow.  Lots of yummy SUYS stuff to show, so will keep you in suspense!

Hugs and kisses,


Don't Have a Cow!

Oh, ok, you can...as long as it involves racing to Sassy Kitty to grab this gift in the Summer Breeze Hunt. It is very a-MOO-sing.  Sigh...I know...sorry.

The AWESOME hair is from Purple Moon and is half price in their hair sale.  I love their styles cos they are so unique!

Sorry for the short post, but I am having crash issues while taking pics (crashed 5 times to take this one pic, so sorry about resolution cos had to turn it way down and still crashed) and I am gearing up for a busy SL weekend, so watch this space...


More Lazin' About

My friend Elle, from Designer Prims, let the group know that she had four hunt items hidden around her store, so I ran over to find them.  Elle is so kind that she even put the hints in one easy card for you, available at the tp in point.  Thanks, Elle!

The prizes were pretty easy to find too (more hugs to Elle) and were definitely worth the trip over!  Check these out.
Clothes are from Cynful.  Shoes are from Duh!  Hair is from Truth.

Pic 1:
Summer Patio - Sand and Sun Hunt

Pic 2:
Think Pink Lounger, Furniture and Flowers - Think Pink Hunt

Pic 3:
Outdoor Tropical Daybed - Sizzling Summer Hunt

Pic 4:
Cocktails and Nature - Hot Summer Hunt


Ah, The Serenity

It is nice just chillin' in SL today.  I am relaxing after a crazy day yesterday.  Whew!  Nice to kick back and relax my weary pixels in this cool preloved lawn chair from {what next}.  I picked it up at the Strawberry Hunt at Where It Begins. Not sure if this is still going, but worth checking out to see if it is.

The dress, that I have used as a top, is from Acid & Mala and is a ZombiePopcorn gift.  The pants (from Kis Kis ) and the boots (from Duh!) are too. It is the last day of the hunt, so get ya zombie butts into gear and race to get all the goodies.

The skin I am wearing is from IrEn and is available at The Fashion Garret for 70L!  Bar-gain!



Howdy!  Have ya missed me?  You didn't even notice I was gone?  Well, this is awkward...  I have a good mind not to show you anything.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I have lots of yumminess to make ya run out and spend all your money. Yay!

Warning:  I gathered these items up late yesterday so some of them may not be still available at the price stated. I apologise for this. 

Oh and Happy Birthday Second Life!  Six years and you don't look at day over that!

Pic 1:
Hair: Truth - Astrid - Chocolate (250L for Colour Pack)
Dress:  Aleida - Wipsty Minidress - Plum (50L in Closing Sale...sob, sniff...)
Furniture:  Second Spaces - Savannah Summer Lounge (150L for Spruce Up Your Space)

Pic 2 and 3:
Dress: A&A Fashion - Mila Dress with Socks - Beige (66L at The Dressing Room)
Shoes:  R.icielli - Oxford Shoes (70L at TDR - Jacket not shown)
Bench and Props:  LISP - (150L for Spruce Up Your Space)

Pic 4 and 5:
Outfit: Kamikaze - Mimi Salopette - Purple (New Item)
Deck:  UrbanizeD - Floating Deck (150L in SUYS - Sooooo many poses and colour change options too!)

Pic 6:
Hoodie:  Grixdale - Doll House Pullover (Strawberry Hunt @ Where It Begins Flea Market)
Jeans: KOSH - Linen Shorts (ZombiePopcorn Hunt)
Furniture:  Cheeky Pea - Margaret Outdoor Bed (150L in SUYS)

(NOTE the kitty beneath the table...her name is Winter and she just went and lay down there.  Good kitty!)


All Cute 'n' Stuff

Some days you find just THE right outfit to suit your mood.  Today I am in a good mood because tomorrow is Friday.  That is cause for celebration in itself, but I have a special weekend ahead, so all the more reason to feel chirpy.

I would wear this outfit in RL. Ok, maybe with a cami underneath, but still, I am loving it.

Note to LL...I crashed 3 times as I took a pic...this was a tad frustrating.

Top:  UTOPIA - Ursula (Moolto Hunt)
Jeans:  KOSH -Linen Shorts (ZombiePopcorn Hunt)
Hair:  Elikatira - Garden - Rich Browns 08 (220L for Colour Pack)
Skin:  YS & YS - Megan Beauty (Group Gift)


Hump Day

I don't like Wednesdays.  I know to most they are the day that signifies the downhill slide to the weekend, but to me Wednesday laughs and says, "Ha!  Two more days til freedom!"  Darn you, Wednesday!

At least in SL I have wonderful things that help me to bear this drab day.  I find hunts and shopping a solution.  Thank you, SL!

Pic 1:
Dress:  Kakia Designs - Chocolate Gown (Moolto Hunt)
Vines:  .roobix - Thorned Beauty (ZombiePopcorn Hunt)
Hair:  Ava-tare - Candy - UmberShiny (Moolto Hunt)

Pic 2:
Top:  Poison - Pepinus Ibericus Shirt (Group Gift)
Jeans: Poison - Xd and Lol Jeans - Green (New Item)


Pipe Dreams

I love red and so I was rapt when I saw this too cute dress and shoes!  The dress is from Kamikaze and is called Stain Dress - Red and is a new item.  The shoes are from Beauty Killer and are called Romance Red Pumps. Don't you LOVE the heels?!  Yuss!  They are on the MM board at the moment, so race over because these lockdown pretty quickly each day.

This gorgeous hair called Candy - UmberShiny is a gift in the Moolto Hunt and is from Ava-tare. I am loving it!  Sexy and pretty all at once.

All the jewellery I am wearing is also from the Moolto Hunt.  The earrings are from eXxEsS and the bracelets are from [sYs].  See if you can see the holograms on the bracelets!

Moolto is a great hunt by the way!  Show you more over the next few days.


Getting Dirty

I hate gardening in RL, but perhaps if the garden looked as good as this one from Awesome Blossom I might be more interested...or if the gardener was hot and took his shirt off a lot.  The garden was for Super Bargain Saturday, so you might be too late to get it at the SBS price, but never too late to race over and grab it anyway!

The dress is from Grixdale and is called the Letters Home Dress. It was 65L for Lazy Sunday and they also had a different colour as their group gift.

These stunning earrings are from Eluzion and are called Elanna. They are a group and subscriber gift and are so cool!

Sneakers are from HOC Industries and I got them at the Shoe Fair. I love them because they are colour change!  The hair is from Truth and is called Betty.


Feeling Jaded

I am feeling very jaded now because it took me a very long time to get these shots for the Blogger Colour Challenge this week. The colour is JADE.

First I found this cool parasol at ANA_mations which is part of the Super Bargain Saturday. Then I foolishly thought this would be easy because I love green and so I would have heaps to choose from...hmmm.

This led to scouring right through my inventory and finding nothing that I felt was really jade in colour.  I searched through everything with 'green', 'jade' and 'emerald' in the name.  That took about an hour and the only things I found were a necklace, some bracelets and a scene to take the pics on.  No clothes whatsoever.

So, finally I gave up and just went with what I had which was not a lot.

I hope you like what I came up with.  Not hugely fashion as I am not wearing anything, but I would rather go naked than wear the wrong colour!  Hehe.

Parasol:  ANA_mations - Emerald Green Parasol (60L in SBS)
Hair:  Magika - Jade - Red - Dark Auburn (Past Sale Item)
Necklace: Puarangi Designs - Jade Necklace (Closed Store)
Bracelets:  *Ticky-Tacky* - C-Lovah Bracelets - Patia (Past Hunt Item)
Anklet:  Finesmith Designs Cross and Ruby (Past Hunt)
Shoes:  TABOO - Paris Lovecat Sandals (Past Hunt Item)
Skin:  YS & YS - Megan Beauty (Group Gift)
Scene:  W.Winx - Water Temple Gazebo (Not sure when I got this...cushions called Jade Tea Garden)


Feelin' Grey

Bad day. RL sucks. 'Nuff said.

Lucky I can escape reality and go shopping!  Yay.  Today I had to show you this GORGEOUS dress from Azul that is the latest Group Gift.  I may never take it off.  Well, at least until my next pic shoot.

The single chair is from Tableau Vivant and is a gift in the ZombiePopcorn Hunt. I love the textures on it.

The chaise lounge is from {what next} and is available at the CHIC Birthday Venue.  It has tons of poses for singles and couples and is has a texture change function. Is lovely!

The skin is the latest group gift from YS & YS, and I am really liking it even though it is darker than I normally wear. 

My hair is Sandra from Truth and my shoes are from G*Field.



I am depraved on the best of days, but today I am especially because I am showing you items from the Depraved Dealers Market and the Depraved Summer Nights Hunt.

Hair is from CatWa (Lamar - Chestnut) and earrings are from Purple Moon (Group Gift)

Pic 1:
Skin: IrEn - Iris Night (Depraved Market - 180L)
Outfit:  Razorblade Jacket - Jailbait (Depraved Summer Nights Hunt)

Pic 2:
Outfit:  [Shush] - Corsage - Black (Depraved Market - 99L)

Pic 3:
Dress:  Orion - In Bloom Dress (Depraved Market - 170L)
Sunglasses:  ODB - 80's Sunglasses - Pink (DSN Hunt)



Dear Mum,

Here I am on holiday in the Greek Isles.  Having a wonderful time sailing around with my new boytoy, Raoul.  He is sooo dreamy.

Went shopping yesterday and picked up this gorgeous dress to wear on the yacht.  Is from The Secret Store and is called Froufrou - Sailor's Delight, but I got it at The Fashion Garret for only 70L.  Bargain!

I teamed it up with this super bag from Les Petits Details and these stylish Espadrilles from Duh!  The glasses from Solar are the ones you bought me for my birthday, and match my lovely hairdo from Truth.

I managed some time at a tanning salon and so you could almost say my skin is from IrEn at Depraved Dealers Sale location.  Hehe.

Anyhooo, must fly.  Raoul is calling.

Hugs and Kisses,


Where'd It Go?!?

Has anyone seen my yellow linen shirt and khaki shorts!? Ugh, you know I think I saw Arya wearing them last. She could've at least washed them and put it nicely back into my inventory! Luckily, the outfit is available during the MENstuff hunt!

Picture 1:

Outfit: CW Male -MENstuff Hunt Yellow Linen Shirt and Khaki Shorts.

Picture 2:

Outfit: SE* Designz - Beach Shorts /Simple Shirt


Come Get Ya Popcorn!

And I have hotdogs and and funnel cake too!  Feast time!  Nom, nom!  But, you know...I just don't understand why no one is coming to buy anything from me...Could it be because it is ZombiePopcorn?  No surely not.

More items from the ZombiePopcorn Hunt and also from the Creative Souls sales event.

Outfit:  [JEM] - Milka Shirt and Zara Skirt
Tattoos:  Para Designs - Loyalty Black Dark
Piercings:  Razorblade Jacket - Safety Pin Face
Shoes:  BC322 Skulls and Bones - Slip on Sneaker
Pose Items:  Sweet Bites - Hotdog Stand and Umbrella Set, Popcorn Popper Set, Funnel Cake Set (Creative Souls)