Two Years

I realised today that I have been blogging for two years.  Now, you might well be saying, "So?".  Well, the fact is that I didn't know if I would last a year, let alone two.  It is a fickle game and not one for the faint hearted.  Sometimes it is a grind, but mostly I love it.

I will confess that there have been times when I have been tempted to let it go, but they pass quickly, thank goodness.  

For those of you out there who are thinking about blogging then here are some positives and negatives from me.


  • The awesome designers and event organisers I have met and am now friends with.  I love you all dearly and you have been there for me.  Thank you SO, SO much.
  • The people who read my rabid ramblings.  You are awesome and thanks for sticking with me.
  • The amazing clothes, furniture, houses, poses and accessories that I have had the honour to blog.  Where would a blogger be without them?  
  • The cool people I have met on hunts.  Thanks for your help.  I would have been a lot more frustrated without you.
  • The time I have spent.  Sometimes it means I miss out on stuff in SL.  I have had to decline invites to dance, listen to music and generally hang out, cos I have had to get a blog post done.
  • The money I have spent.  Do NOT think that blogging is about getting free stuff, cos it is not.  I DJ to keep my blogging addiction alive. This is not a whine, cos I love it and would spend it all over again.
  • It is a mostly thankless task.  I get feedback from designers, but I seriously would love to hear more from the people who read this blog.  Ok, that was a bit of a whine.  Sorry.
There ya have it.  The good, the bad and the ugly of blogging.  And now I have some people I really have to name and thank.
  • My co-blogger and friend, Mister.  You rock and have made my life so much easier.
  • Winter {what next}, Cleom (Cleo Designs), Elle (Designer Prims), Corocota (Poison), Janie (Jane), Shiri (Sleek Styles), Carina (Amacci), Kinu [SAKIDE] and Miuccia (Kamikaze).  I have blogged your amazing designs and loved every minute of it.  Thanks so much for trusting me not to make your beautiful things look bad.  If I have forgotten anyone here, please forgive meeee!
  • My best buddy, Kav, who has supported and encouraged me, and been brave enough to tell me the bare, honest truth at times.
  • The best group in the whole of SL:  The Greatest Love Group.  You guys keep me hooked up on sales, events and hunts.  You make me laugh a lot and keep me very poor.  I love dry towel Fridays and even the Notecards of Doom.  Thanks for being a group that lets me talk crap and discuss everything from dinosaur porn to the merits of shopping addiction.
Well, that is it.  I almost feel like I was doing an acceptance speech.  Perhaps I should also mention world peace...

Pic Credits:
Hair:  [y] - Mochi Winter - Browns (Perfect Wardrobe)
Skin:  Quarantine - Pale Jenny Skin
Hoodie:  Bellies - Black Pima Cotton Knit
Jeans:  Fall Out - With Love Jeans
Boots:  [SeVered GaRdeN} - Dana Boots
Record Player:  LISP - Funky Lispette Record Unit (Collabor88)
Wall Decor:  Something of Substance - Christmas in the Heart (100L on Marketplace)
House:  Designer Prims - Converted Boat Shed


There is Dark Magic in the Air

The ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter event is about to begin tomorrow and I am so excited.  It runs from the 1st to the 15th of December which is plenty of time for you to wander this amazing sim and enjoy the shopping and ambiance.

"This event is themed around all things magic and set in a cottage town with enchanted snowy gardens."

That quote from the press release does not even begin to describe how stunning this winter wonderland is.  The stores are so cool that I have a good mind to just move into one!

As you wander you will find vendors such as Ploom, Plastik, LISP, Del May, League, What Next and many more!

"This event will not only be for vendors, but also a working town complete with magician cottages and an enchanting village atmosphere."

Here is just a sampling of what is on offer...a wee nibble if you will...

Will throw a LM on tomorrow's post.

Oh, and as a side issue, I have officially been blogging for two years today.  Can't believe it...

Pic 1:
Outfit:  {SeVereD GaRdeN} - Cloe
Skin:  Quarantine - ZombiePopcorn Bran Apocalypse
Hair:  Ploom - Nina - Brown (Not in event, but only 100L in sale)

Pic 2:
Sweater: Elan - Knits - Blue
Pants:  Elan - Pinstripe Pants - Grey
Hat and Hair:  MINA - Bart

Pic 3:
Top:  Elan - Python

Pic 4:
Top:  Sweet Antidote - Crystal - Blue

Pic 5:
Hat:  (bubble) - Fur Hat
Hoodie:  ::insanya:; - Hoodie - No Command (MESH)
Boots:  VC Designs - Minus 9 Degrees Boots - Black



Today I am very excited to show you some awesome items from a brand new designer and some from a newish one!  Hoorah!

The shiny, new items are from Something of Substance, which is so new it doesn't even have a home yet, except on marketplace.

Here is the ideals behind this new venture:

Something Of Substance was created because of the love and support of friends seeing value in 
sharing a message of positivity.

"Wear your heart on the wall"

I love it and was proud to promote this kind of thinking!

The other items are from Dreamscapes Art Gallery, which I am loving.  They are just perfect for creating a beautiful holiday scene, both inside and outside your home!

Pic 1:
Wall Decor:  Something of Substance - Love Is When (100L)

  • Dreamer Couch (249L with poses for couple and singles - copy)
  • Dreamer Couch Table (99L - copy)
  • Bowl of Pinecones Red - 80L (copy - white plate also available)
  • Cookie Box - 60L (copy)
  • Cookie Plate - 60L (copy)
  • Christmas Tree Potted - 80L (mod/copy - white also available)
  • Bird Cage with Candle - 80L (copy)

Pic 2:
Wall Decor:  Something of Substance - Twinkle Little (100L)
Furniture:  Cottage Christmas (59L for Colab Consumer Kit Release - copy)

Pic 3:
Wall Decor:  Something of Substance - Enjoy Little Things (100L)
Tree:  Snowy Pine (80L - copy)
Stump and Snowman: Winter Tree Stump (129L - copy)
Snow:  Snowy Groundcover (99L - copy)

Pic 4:
Wall Decor:  Something of Substance - Life is the Song (100L)
Reindeer:  Christmas Deer (99L each - copy)
Birdhouse:  Winter Birdhouse with Lights (149 - trans)

Pic 5:
Wall Decor:  Something of Substance - Be Series (100L)
Fireplace:  Dreamer Fireplace (249L - copy)
Garland:  Pine Garland (60L - mod/copy)
Stockings:  Christmas Stockings (99L - copy)
Boxes:  Gift Boxes (60L - mod/trans)

Pic 6:
Wall Decor:  Something of Substance - Fashion 2 (100L)
Top:  CoLoReTa's - Oosy Tank Top (Lazy Sunday)
Hair:  Truth Hair - Blair Java
Jeans:  [Sakide] - Acidulous Leather Pants - White
Skin:  Quarantine - Pale Jenny Skin

Pic 7:
Wall Decor:  Something of Substance - Real Woman (100L)
Outfit:  petticoat lane - Santa's Baby (Group Gift - not hat)
Hair:  Maitreya - Piper II - Natural Blonde


On Ya Bike!

I have been busy over the last few days with all the Black Friday sales.  It is funny though, cos most of the items I bought were poses, backgrounds, Christmas stuff and non-clothing related items.  Weird for me.

Anyway, just a few bits and pieces that are showable and none are from Black Friday sales.  Go figure!

Background is from PNP and is in the Winter Landscapes pack.

Hat and Hair:  Truth Hair - Blair - Java (New Item - 250L for Colour Pack)
Jacket:  Kamikaze - Leather Jacket Stud - Blue (New Item - Jeans also from Kamikaze)
Bike:  {what next} - Wintertime Bicycle Pose Prop (Lazy Sunday Item)
Boots:  {SeVered GarDeN} - Dana Boots (230L - Has hud for colour change options for socks and boots)
Skin:  Quarantine - Pale Jenny Skin


Time to Snuggle Up!

I wandered over to Designer Prims today to have a look at Elle's new store and layout, and while I was drooling over all her houses, skyboxes and furniture, I thought I would see what hunts were going on there.

I was excited to find 4 awesome hunt gifts on offer!  Yay.  They were easy peasy to find (more yay!) especially with the hint notecard at the tp in point.  Thanks, Elle!

I am also giving you a sneak preview of the cool skybox that is the Designer Prims item in the Black Friday Hunt starting tomorrow.  I love the fact that you could use this in the sky or on the ground.  YAY!

Oh, and yes I know it was snowing in the skybox.  I forgot to turn off my snow thing before I started and then I thought it looked pretty!

Couch Potato 2 Hunt - Lazy Breakfast

House and Garden Traditional Christmas Hunt - Traditional Christmas

Happy Feet Hunt - Cosy Winter

Unthemed Hunt - Tiffany Lamp and Stand

I also want to take this time to wish all my American friends HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  I hope you have tons to be thankful for and you eat til you drop!


ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter

"The ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter will be held December 1st – 15th on the Sketch Pad Sim. This event is themed around all things magic and set in a cottage town with enchanted snowy gardens. This is a 2 week event for such vendors as Ploom, Plastik, LISP, Del May, League, Finesmith, and sponsored by Hogwarts: Your Story RPG Sim, New Trails, - Quarantine -, & Seraphim! This event will not only be for vendors, but also a working town complete with magician cottages and an enchanting village atmosphere."

I am pumped and psyched about this event!  I am counting the days actually!  And I am rapt to be able to show you some previews to get your mouth watering and your wallet worried!

Background is from PNP and is called Dark Future 5 (not in event).

Pic 1:
Skin:  -Quarantine- - ZombiePopcorn Brand Apocalypto Skin
Outfit:  Sweet Antidote - Apoca
Pose:  Purple Poses - Magda (all poses are from Purple Poses)

Pic 2:
Tee:  Razorblade Jacket - Sepultus
Scar:  {Fallen Doll} - Eye Scratch Tattoo

Pic 3:
Bag and Arm Straps:  [ bubble ] - Survivor Bag and Straps

Pic 4:
Tee:  Elly - Post-Apocalyptic Tee Shirt
Boots:  Duh! - Ruined Black Suede Workboot


Round and About

Lazy ole day in SL for me today.  Found a few bits and pieces for your perusal though, which is nice.  Things are definitely winding up and there are some great events on the horizon.  This is the calm before the storm methinks.

Pic 1:
Top:   LaBlaQ - Cashmere Thin Sweater - Brown (70L - The Fashion Garret)
Pants:  [SAKIDE] - Unbuttoned Leather Pants - Black and White (Part of Perfect Wardrobe outfit)

Pic 2:
Top:  Crave - Grounded Shirt - Black (0L - Comes with 3 diff coloured tops and pants - not shown)
Jeans:  [SAKIDE] - Blue Jeans - Garters - US (Rock Attitude Hunt)
Boots:  Crave - Knit Booties - Coal (0L)

Pic 3:
Tee:  Censored - Let It Be (New Item)
Legging:  Censored - Journal Legging 2 (New Item)
Bag: Censored - Topicalia Bag - Brown (The Tropicalia Bazaar)

Pic 4:
Outfit and Shoes:  P.iX.X.X.i.S - The Black Market Outfit (Black Market)

Pic 5:
Boots:  Prim & Pixel - WHV Walking Boot (99L - New Item)

Pic 6:
Gown:  Chantkare - Dali Dress (The Fashion Garret)


Winter is Coming

My name is Arya.  It is a name I chose with careful thought and deliberation.  I love to read and, at the time I joined SL, I was reading George RR Martin's 'Song of Ice and Fire' series, so I chose my favourite character from those books for my SL name.  I would have been Stark too, but we couldn't pick our last names back then and by the time we could I was Arya Braveheart and it didn't seem right to change.

Arya Stark is, in the books, fearless and cunning and full of fight.  She also balks at the idea of being a 'lady' like her sister, Sansa.  I liked this about her.  She is a scrapper and stands up for what is right.

So, when I saw that Cracked Mirror had these Mesh jackets for 100L in Taste of SL I raced to grab one.

They also have Lannister, Tully, Dothraki, Baratheon,and Targayen jackets for 200L.

Now, I did have slight fitting issues with only small and large on offer (male and female sizes), so be aware. But, I was clever and used an alpha for another mesh jacket I own and it worked.  Yay.

I would also like to point out, since I am a literary snob, that unless you have read the books you cannot be a passionate Game of Thrones fan!  Just saying.

PS:  I also had an avi named Daenrys, but she sadly got killed off...


Getting Chilly in SL

As I am wandering about SL I am seeing snow about and even a few Christmas decorations.  Fall seems short in SL as we look forward to snowy sims and snuggly clothes.

I will confess that I have succumbed to the winter vibe.  I promised myself that I wouldn't 'winter up' my place til the 1st of December, but yesterday I broke that promise and out came the fireplace and winter items.

Today I will begin to throw snow about outside my wee house to surround the ice rink that is already there. I am hopeless.

Anyway, here are some awesome clothes and items that have been piling up while the Vintage Fair took over my world.

Background is PNP - Antarctica and Poses (except for Pic 1) are from Izzie's Taste of SL items with 16 poses for 150L.  Perfect for pencil skirts...which is good since the set is called Pencil Skirt Poses.

Pic 1:
Hair:  Truth - Janice - Java (New Item)
Sweater:  PurpleMoon Creations - Kika Pullover in Black (75L at Tropicalia Bazaar)
Pants: [SAKIDE] -  Acidulous Leather Pants - White (New Item)
Skin:  YS&YS - Ginevra - Winter (70L at The Dressing Room)

Pic 2:
Dress:  AZUL - Group Gift (Ummm, group gift.  Make sure you go check out their amazing sale too!)

Pic 3:
Dress and Makeup:  Sweet Antidote - Pic Mosso - White (New Item)

Pic 4:
Top:  [SAKIDE] - Pinstripe Mesh Top - White (On Marketplace - MESH)
Scarf: [SAKIDE] - MyDiary Black Silk Scarf (Vintage Fair....ok, so I had one more...sue me)
Pants:  [SAKIDE] - Unbuttoned Leather Corset Pants Black (New Item)

Pic 5:
Dress:  Celoe - Chelsea Dress (Group Gift - MESH.  Go check out all the amazing mesh items at this new store.)

Pic 6:
Furniture:  {what next} - Retro TV Room (150L in SUYS - TV, pillows and wall hanging)
Sideboard:  {what next} - Sophia Sideboard (75L in Lazy Sunday)


Grungey Sunday

Wear your Sunday best with an urban twist.
The thermal top is just one out of a set of three at the Grunge Soul Project.
I paired them with DEF sneakers that are also available there.

Top: Rotten Defiance @ GSP - White Thermal Skull (Comes in a set of Three Thermal Tees)
Jeans: Aoharu -Dark Vintage Jeans
Shoes: DEF! @ GSP - Sneakers Manifesto

Stop by Nanuk to get this great tee for only 1L.
The tee is actually more sheer, so I wore another grey shirt underneath.
It also looks nice on girls too. Again, if you're a girl, you might want to consider wearing another undershirt layer unless you want everyone to see what you're working with!

Top: Nanuk- Kent Twine Peaks Owls (1L)


The Last Post

No, I am not finishing blogging or playing the song.  I am blogging the last Vintage Fair Post and giving you some more of the goods on offer.  It is worth the lag to see what these amazing designers have made for you to buy!

Here is your transport de jour to the Vintage Fair.

I want to take this moment to thank the organisers and designers for this awesome fair and for allowing us bloggers access and items to blog.  It was truly brilliant and I loved every second.

Pic 1:
Pose Room:  [Ilaya] - Vintage Room 1
Skin:  Curio - GP Sundust - Light - Vintage Ritz 2
Hair:  ploom. - A Little Bit of Everything
Dress:  Sassy! - Cosmopolitan Dress
Bag:  House of Fox - Steffani LUX Tote - Beige
Jewellery: . phresh. - Boule Earrings and Diamants d'Amor Necklace

Pic 2:
Gown:  Ivalde - Jamaica Gold Gown - 1960
Pose Chair:  Diesel Works - BarStool

Pic 3:
Dress:  ~*Indie Rose*~ - Polka Dot Wrap Dress
Pose:  Miamai - Model Pose Editorial

Pic 4:
Top:  {essences} - Crocchette Top - Brown
Pants:  ISON - Moto Leather Pants - Brown
Pose Chair:  Diesel Works - Modelling Chair

Pic 5:
Shirt:  {Micoolie} - Caffa Navy
Pants: ISON - Leather Corset Leggings
Boots:  ISON - Girl Panic Boots - British Navy
Top:  {essences} - Crocchette Top - Blue

Pic 6:
Dress:  Gawk!  - Black and White Wool Dress
Pose:  Izzie's - Pencil Skirt Pose (Taste of SL - 100L)

Pic 7:
Top:  Peqe - Wrapped Shirt - Black Country
Pants:  VACKRA - Claire Trousers - Brown

Pic 8:
Dress:  STICKY FINGERS - My Gray Ballet Baby Doll Dress

Pic 9:
Dress:  Retro' - Vintage Love Cherry

Pic 10:
Dress and Clutch:  Philo - Stella Dress - Coal
Earrings:  .phresh. - Dream Seeker Earrings

Pic 11:
Dress:  Elemiah Design - Rawr (MESH)
Clutch:  Old&New - Studs Purse Taupe

Pic 12:
Tee:  Magoa - Vintage T Shirt - Kraken
Bag:  {essences} - South American Bag No 3