Back...Sort Of

I am so sorry about the lack of blogging.  My laptop screen died.  It was quite sad.  I am getting it sorted and in the meantime am on a borrowed laptop so you are going to have to bear with me if things don't look quite right.

That said, I have these amazing item from The Collage to show you.  The first are from Thaino DesignS and are are absolutely stunning.  Picture these in your garden!

These next items are from Dreamscapes Art Gallery and will also turn your garden from 'meh' to 'amazing'!  Every garden needs these gorgeous crates and wheelbarrow!  Go grab 'em!

Make sure you get over to The Collage this round as you will love what is on display and for sale.



And this is Part 2 and is, as the name suggests, the inside of the house I blogged last week before the puter meltdown.  It is a whole heap of different items that I have finally managed to pull together for this post!  Yay!  I hope you take the time to go have a look because I know I don't do them justice!

[CIRCA] - WillowLand Lounge Set (HomeStuff Hunt) and WillowLand Lounge Tray Set (Group Gift - 250L to join)

!!  Follow Us !! - Meal Box - Strawberry Cupcake (New Release)

!! Follow Us !! - White Console with Mirror (Updated Item), Home Sweet Home Rack with Keys (Recent Release), Tenderness Moment (HomeStuff Hunt)

[CIRCA] - Enchanted Meadow - Fae Vanity Table and Seat, Enchanted Glass Globe - Skye(Recent Release), Classic Vanity Makeup Organizer and Mirror - Blossom (New Release), 

!! Follow Us !! - Beauty Box - Pink (Updated Item), Sweet Day Beauty Box (The Feeling)


Laptop Death

Hi All. I am absent because my laptop has died a most horrible death. I am hoping to be back ASAP!



This is Part 1 of a two part post.  I have done this so you don't get overwhelmed by too many photos!  I have separated them easily but posting interior and exterior shots.  Simple.

Today you can enjoy the Outside ones.

Trompe Loeil - Valiano Bistro Collection - Chairs, Tables, Firebox, Fountain, Lamp posts, Loungers (faMESHed)

Shutter Field - Spring Crate Seats (New Release)
Kuro - Spring Chairs (Lazy Sunday), Spring Crate and Cups (The Theme Park)

Kuro - Home Office (Collabor88)


Butterfly Queen

I love butterflies, so when I saw this gorgeous gown and wings from Finesmith I just had to blog it and have fun with some butterflies of my own.

I even found this stunning hair in my inventory that I swear I have never seen before.  It pays to be a hoarder sometimes.

Gown, Wings and Collar:  Finesmith - Butterfly - Light (SAVIAD Spring Fair Exclusive Preview)

Poses:  Baffle! - Flutterby (closed store - see MP)

Hair:  Evie's Closet - Butterfly Effect Hair (from my inventory)

Skin and Shape:  Tuli - Sunny (Skin Fair 2014)



I am in love with this outfit.  How classy is this!  Thank you Leri Miles Designs.  And you will thank Leri even more when you found out that the Hahn Blouse and Classic Slacks are hunt items in the Black Crowes Hunt.  Booyah!

The skin and shape I am wearing is from Panda Punx and is called Kamilla.  It is also a giftie in the Black Crowes Hunt.  Loving it!

The jewellery is from Zuri Rayna Jewelry and I blogged it the other day, but I wanted to show you the bracelet that goes with it.

My hair, shoes and poses are from the depths of my inventory.  They are:

Hair:  Truth - Dawson
Poses:  aDORKable Poses - Call Me (closed store - See MP)
Shoes:  G*Field - Bow Strap Shoes Katie
Location:  22769 [bauwerk]



One of my favourite movies of all time is The Fifth Element and I love the character of Ruby Rhod whose catchword is "Green".  So whenever I hear the word 'Green' I think of that movie and that is how it was today.  I hope you find this post "GREEN!".

 I went for a whole green theme because I figured St Patrick's Day was impending and I couldn't wait.  Just a reminder that the Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair opens at midday on the 12th of March.

Top:  Sky - Beaded Top Spring Green (Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair)
Shorts:  Ducknipple - Side Cut Shorts (Recent Release)
Glasses:  HEYDRA - Devious Glasses - Green (LOTIGF)
Poses:  Juxtapose - Steeze (LOTIGF)
Sneakers:  Ducknipple - Purdy High Knee Sneakers (from my inventory)

Ears:  {pcr} - Animal Ears - Lucky Clovers - Rare (LOTIGF)
Flask:  .twenty13. - Armband Flask - Luck of the Irish (LOTIGF)
Shape and Skin:  Tuli - Sunny (Skin Fair)
Hair:  Exile - Bring It On (from my inventory)


Dark Fairy

I saw this fairy outfit amongst my Luck of the Irish Gacha goodies and decided against the lovely pink and blue colours settling, instead, for this darker look to match the hair I won from The Arcade yesterday.  It is the same Truth Hair I showed you yesterday except in this funky black and purple colour.

The Allis dress is from [SAKIDE] on and so do the wings.  I am wearing the rare black wings with the hud that can change the colour of the flowers.  Very cool.

My boots are also LOTI Gacha Fair items and are from Aftershok.  The ones I am wearing are Blarney 1.

This stunning jewellery is NOT in the gacha fair but is a new release item from Zuri Rayna Jewelry.  The set is called Czarina - Black Diamond, Black Onyx, Black Pearl and comes with the earrings, necklace and bracelet.  It is simply gorgeous.

My makeup and eyes ARE in the LOTI Gacha Fair.  The makeup comes from //elephante poses// and is called Sparkle and Shine Face Makeup.  I am wearing the Colorful Fairy makeup.  The eyes come from [S H O C K] and are the rare Purple Lizard.  

And, lastly, the skin comes to you from ::WoW:: Skins and is called Grace Tan 01.  You will also find this at the Gacha Fair.


Feelin' Blue

The Depraved Nation Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair is gearing up to start and I am loving the items that will be available to you for some gacha fun.

This outfit I am wearing today is one of the items you can grab.  It is from DaneMarkZ and is called Luck of the Irish Homies.  I am wearing the Katz version.  Rowr!

The poses are also from the LOTI Gacha Fair and are from Captivity Co.  They are from a set called Lucky, but each pose is one item.  There are also two rare items that come with shamrock props.  I will show you them another day!

My hair with the headphones is from Truth Hair and is at The Arcade.  I got two different colours so the hair is from one and the headphones are from the other!  

My skin and shape are new from Tuli.  They are called Sunny and I am wearing the Tone 2 skin.  These will be available at The Skin Fair.

This bracelet if from the LOTI Gacha Fair and is the Arabella Bracelet from Random.Matter.  I showed you the matching collar the other day.  Very cool.

This stunning sim is very bayou and is a great place to take some photos.  It is called Homeland, The Bayou.


Spring Green

I am been AWOL.  I apologise for that.  I blame RL.  Sigh.

Anyway, to make up for it I have some stunning items from FINESMITH Designs to show you.  This will get you in the mood for spring in SL.

The dress, clutch and jewellery are all from a set called Shiraz and are at the Finesmith Gypset Market for a bargain price.

Hair:  Truth - Melita (from my inventory)
Destination:  It All Starts with a Smile
Poses:  Glitterati - Purse (MP)


I Like To...

I like to ride my bicycle...oh, and I like to wander.  If you want to do both of these things then do I have the place for you.  This brand spanking new sim is a stunner.  It is full of little nooks and crannies with little surprises and places to relax or play. Check out It Starts With a Smile!

I decided to take my new bike to check out the trails and I will confess I almost ran someone down.  I did stop and apologise, but here is another one officially, Quan!

The bike is part of the Luck of the Irish Gatcha Fair that starts on the 12th of March.  It is a rare item from {XO Visions} and is the Diamond/White Bike.  It rides like a dream!  I am not sure about the brakes though!  Hehe.

My dress is also in the LOTI Gatcha Fair and is sooo cute.  It is from Sky and is the Polka Dot "Riley" Dress.  It comes in loads of colours and all of them are gorgeous.

The Fashion Krush Lucky Headband in Red and the Random.Matter Arabella Collar are also Gatcha Fair items.  The headband comes with a resizer and has a cute clover on the side.  

My shoes are not in the fair and are from SeVered GarDeN.



I am not sure what I am waiting for but when I looked at these photos it had that vibe about it.  It reminded me of when I was young and I was always waiting for my mother who was never on time.  She would bump into people she knew and 'have' to stop and chat.  One time she had been in town and had driven the 20km (12 miles) to home and I rang her from in town (days before cell phones) and said, "Um, did you forget something?"  She was mortified that she had forgotten that I had gone into town with her...the counselling helped...


The Kenzie outfit I am styling today is from the Depraved 'Luck of the Irish' Gacha Fair and is from StormCrow Designs.  It includes the sweater boots and jeans.  Great gatcha item!

My glasses are also from the Gacha Fair and are the J&A Rock Culture Glasses in Blue.  They have some other great colours and styles with some cool Aviator sunglasses as the rare item.

And, yes, the cool bag is also a gacha reward.  It is from {B-Dazzled} and is the iGACHA Tote C3.  These also come in fabulous colours and patterns.  Great for a casual look.

The Fair begins on March 12th and goes through til the 31st of March so plenty of time for some Gacha fun!

Hair:  Wasabi Pills - Noriko
Shape and Skin:  Panda Punx - Harlow ([Room69])



I mention the words 'beer' and 'bourbon' to Tyson today and he came running.  Funny that.  Still he just had to sit there so it was pretty simple.

These two items are from The Challenge and are both drinking related so I thought they could go together in one post.

The first is the Beergarden from 22769 - [bauwerk].  It is so easy to lay out and looks fab straight away.  I love the little details like the Paco Cola fridges etc.  Make sure you go take a looksee.

This great set is from %Percent and is the Bourbon Table Set.  Again, you need to look at the awesome detailing.  "The stools are made from bourbon barrel staves (the slats making up the sides of barrels.) The seat is made from a barrel lid. The table top is from dozens of staves laid side by side, glued together, and sanded down."  I also love the names of the drinks.  Lots of fun.


Under Sea

I have some very gorgeous items to show you today and since the colour of this Pura dress from FINESMITH is called 'Splash' I thought we would go deep sea.

Found this cool under sea area and loved the huge octopus so that is where the photos were shot.  FUN!

 The jewellery I am wearing is also from FINESMITH  and is called Canton.  I am loving this stunning necklace and matching earrings.  Perfect for wet or dry wear!  Hehe.

My skin and shape are from Panda Punx.  Both are called Harlow and can be found at this current round of [Room 69].

And I just have to comment on this fabu hair that I got in a hair hunt ages ago.  It is from [CIRCA] and is called "Sparta' - Deep Sea Army.  I love the little sea horses!  Clever.

Lipstick:  MIA14 - Lips for Ember - Seafoam
Eyes:  Amacci - Look Eyes - Teal