Booyah for the Bunneh!

I hope the Easter Wabbit has been delivering to your house this weekend.  I can confess to eating a marshmallow egg or two....or three...we will just leave it there.  Let us not mention it again.

I thought I had better bunny up and go hunting for some eggs.  It was the perfect time to wear this funky and oh-so-cute bunny hoodie from [SAKIDE].  It is aptly called Imma Bunneh Hoodie and I am wearing the pink one.  Cute as!

The Bird Party Easter Antlers and the Peeps Easter Basket are both from [Circa].  Both are 1L egg gifts from The Nest Easter Egg Hunt.  Fun wearables.

The necklace is from Creations by Fairie.  It was at the SL Buddy Walk Charity Event, but since that is finished you can probably find it at their main store.  It is a Faberge Rose Egg Necklace and you can also get the earrings to match.

I am loving these fun poses too.  They are from {SeVered Pose} and are from Set 1 and 2.  The poses are new items and the packs and such great prices.

The rest of the items are from my inventory.  The pink chucks are from DECO, hair is from Exile and the skin and lipstick are from Tuli.


Hollywood Glamour

I love those days when an outfit or look comes together so seamlessly that you almost wonder if it was meant to be.  Today was one of those days.  I found 4 different items that looked like that were made to be together.

First the lovely Lilly from Immerse gave me this gorgeous and glamorous dress to blog.  It is in The Event Hollywood which has now begun.  The dress has three ways of wearing it and I think it is perfect for old Hollywood style.  It is called Julie and I am wearing it in grey.

The second item was this chic hair from Amacci that I got for 10L in the LeeZu and Hair Affair Spring Hunt. You just have to wander about the LeeZu store and collect the candy.  The Amacci Hair is in the Hair Affair area in the little Amacci store there.  All of the candy items are pretty easy to find so go enjoy as it is only a 2 day event.

The third item was this Finesmith jewellery that I have had waiting for the right time to blog.  Today was that day.  The gorgeous set is called Kotar and I am wearing it in black.  You have to see it to appreciate the detailing and work that has gone into these amazing items.

And lastly the skin I have been wearing for a couple of weeks now called Elyse from Tuli.  I paired it with this lovely lipstick called Intense Crimson which is also from Tuli.

Of course this vintage look required a setting so I used the Piano Bar Dreamscene from Garden of Dreams to give us that 20's look.  Martini anyone?


Springtime in SL

I know some of you are not experiencing spring yet because winter still has you in its grip or, like me, it is autumn, but in SL it is spring and it is lovely.

Sometimes an item of clothing grabs my attention and today this gorgeous dress from Leri Miles Designs did just that.  It made me feel very spring-like and feminine.  I love it.  The colours are so pretty and the style so lovely.  You will be able to get this dress at the The Event Hollywood which starts on the 29th.  I am not giving you the LM yet, cos I know you people too well.  Sneaky shopping addicts!  Hehe.

I paired the dress up with this cute hair from Truth Hair called Marisol.  It is a recent release and the clip is colour changeable too.  Perfect for matching to outfits.

The shoes are from Pixel Mode. They are the Fae Wedge in Denim and were in my inventory for an occasion and dress such as this.

The skin is from Tuli and is called Elyse.  I am wearing the Pearl tone.  I know I have blogged this loads lately, but it is so lovely so why not?

Lastly, the poses are from Olive Juice which is sadly closed.  I miss it.



Nothing like a spring day in SL to make you feel good.  The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing and the spring fashions are plentiful.  Teamed up with this awesome new bike from {what next} and you have a recipe for fun.

The Bramley Bicycle Pose Prop is ready for the Pose Fair which opens on the 29th.  The thing I like about these is they can be used with singles or couples.  Nice!

The bicycle is colour change so I picked the lavender shade to go nicely with this dress from Leri Miles Designs named Vivian.  You can find this at the SL Buddy Walk Charity Fair in a whole heap of different colours.

The hair I am styling is from D!va and is currently at Collabor88.  Not sure how long it will be there because the new round comes out on the 8th of April, so make sure you get over and have a look about.

The backpack was one I had in my inventory and I didn't get a chance to blog it a while back.  Now was the perfect time, so here it is.  It is from *Rivendell* and is the Lavanda Backpack.

Skin is from Tuli (Skin Fair - blogged previously) and the shape is from Oceane (SL Buddy Walk - blogged previously).  Shoes are from DECO (blogged previously).


Cookies, Anyone?

I am in the mood for some cookies so I thought I could do pics at the same time.  If only they were real, cos now I really do feel like cookies. Mmmmm!

However, before I go and nom up some biscuity goodness I will tell you about what I am wearing today.  That is how professional I am!  Cough.

My outfit is from 22769 and is now available at The Gallery Gift Shop.  The skirt is called Karen and I am wearing it in grey.  The jacket and top are called Rainy Days and Mondays (cool name).  This is a fab outfit that you can dress up or down depending on your accessories.

My hair is from {Quandary} and is called Nancy.  I have blogged it before, but you can find it at the SL Buddy Walk Charity Fair.  Is a great style.

I have also blogged this skin before, but today I am showing you a different tone.  This one from Tuli is Elyse in the Pearl tone.  I am also styling the lipstick called Sheer Sugar Pink Gloss.  Nummy.  You can find it at The Skin Fair 2013.

The poses are aptly called Cookie and are a recent release at Glitterati Poses.  There are a couple of others in the set, and are a must have for all you bloggers out there, or if you just want some fun poses for pics!

The other items are from my inventory.  The shoes are from DECO and are the DaisyWalker in Coconut, and the glasses are from Umeboshi and are called Castor Glasses in the Flamingo colour.  Cool!

Lastly the great furniture behind me in the pics is from LISP Bazaar and is currently at Collabor88.  Don't muck about getting this because the new round starts soon, so they will be doing the changeover.  This set is called Charlotte Home Set - New Romantic.  Classy.


Retro Fun

I found this outfit at the SL Buddy Walk Charity Fair and fell in love.  It is so retro-chic.  Even the fabulous teal colour is perfect.  Of course then I had to stage some 50's pics.  Well, it seemed logical.

Before any good 50's housewife leaves home it is important to make sure the house is spic and span.  Luckily my husband gave me this super new vacuum cleaner for my birthday so I will have it done in no time!

To go out I am wearing this divine outfit from [Amarelo Manga].  The Antonia Blouse and Pants are so classy that you will be the envy of your neighbours and friends. It pairs nicely with my makeup (skin) which comes from Amacci and gives me a radiant pale look with my Oceane Shape.

These Pristine Pumps in Seafoam are from Tonic. Don't they look peachy with this outfit?

Now, that the housework is done I can get out and about for a bit of shopping.  I am taking my Hula Hoop Handbag which is also from [Amarelo Manga].  Isn't it fabulous?  And, of course, every lady needs some beads to finish an outfit, so this jewellery from Stars! is perfect.  I chose the Hera Set in Vineyard which is so stylish!

You also get to enjoy the amazing view from KaTink in their Family 1 set.  Isn't it lovely?

Well, shopping is over so I better get home and get the ironing done before my husband gets home from work.  It is also time to watch The Guiding Light which is my favourite soap!  A girl can have fun while she works!

Non-Event Items:
Furniture:  {what next} - Sophia Sideboard Set, Retro Television Set, Fleeftone Retro Record Player, Fluff n' Fold Ironing Set
Rug:  Designer Prims - 14 Rugs in One
Scooter:  FIN - Retro Scooter
Hair:  Ploom - Dusty Beehive - Ash
Glasses:  (epoque) - Catlady Frames - Perennial


Into the Swing of It

This swing set rocks.  That is all.

Kidding!  I do have more to say.  I got this preview copy of the Adventure Playground Swingset from {what next} that will be available at the Zodiac event on the 21st of March and I had to get it out and have a play straight away.  It is so much fun and has poses for singles and couples.  Awwwww!  Whatever you do though, do NOT say to your significant other, "Wanna swing?" cos this could be taken the wrong way...

Anyhooo....this one is Rustic Naturals.  NICE!

In this swinging pic I am wearing the Spring Outfit from even.flow that is currently a hunt prize in the Spring is Near Hunt.  You get the cool red jacket and fancy blue pants which is awesome.  I teamed it with this Mock Neck Longsleeve from Shine (SL Buddy Walk Charity Fair).

The hat and hair are from Wasabi Pills and are called Lumi, and the shoes are from HOC Industries(Inventory Items). The skin is Elyse from Tuli and is in the Skin Fair (also in pic below), and the Sunny shape is from Oceane and is in the SL Buddy Walk Charity Fair.

This next funky outfit is made up of items from the current Acid Lily round. The tank and pants from Bitch Tail, and the fabu jacket is from Spearsong and is called Wolffang Women's Smokers Jacket. Not that I will be smoking anytime soon.  Swinging is way healthier!

The hair is from Maitreya and is called Sasha and the boots are the Leather Army Boots from [SAKIDE].  The shape in this pic is my usual and is Anaise from Skin Within which has sadly now closed. (Inventory Items).


Strolling in Yellow

I have some more fabulous items to show you from the SL Buddy Walk Charity Fair.  I thought I would walk and show at the same time.  It seemed apt.

This lovely hair is from {Quandary} and is called Nancy.  It is so classy and would look just as great with a formal gown as it does in casual wear.  The skin is from Amacci and I blogged it yesterday.  I just love it!

I am wearing this Pink Acid Mildred Lips and Teeth in a caramel colour, but honestly I could have worn any of the awesome colours available.  You will definitely get to see some of the other colours in my posts!
My earrings today are from Pure Poison.  I am wearing the gold ones in nude but, again, these come in some great colours and also in silver if you are not a gold-type of girl.

I did a bit of a mix and match with the outfit, since it gave me to the option to show items from two designers at the same time!  Cunning like a fox.  The cardigan, top and shoes are from *Citrus*.  They are called Sunny Cardigan and Flats.  Perfect for a warmer spring day in SL.  The Dove Flare Jeans are from [SAKIDE] and are part of the Trendy Outfit.  I love the belt and the classy look to them.

Non-Event Item:
Umbrellas/Poses:  {what next} - Let It Rain Pose Prop


Getting Into the Swim

I couldn't wait to show off some of these amazing items from the SL Buddy Walk Charity Fair.  In fact, the hardest part of it all was choosing what to blog first because we are seriously spoiled for choice with this wonderful event.  The items are top-notch!

Check out this stunning skin from Amacci.  It is called Emma and I am wearing the nutmeg tone.  Paired with this sexy shape from Oceane called Sunny and your avi will look FAB!

This smexy bikini is the Hydrangea Bikini from FABOO. that will definitely turn heads at the beach.  The colour and style are very flattering and I love all the little bows to make it look so real.

Now, normally I do not glam up in my best jewellery for sitting in the pool, but who could resist when it is this set from Designs by Sebastian?  Not me, that is for sure.  May as well look your best because you never know who will drop by.

And lastly we have these Love Stacked Bracelets from Pure Poison.  They come in quite a few different colour combos and the detailing is wonderful.

Non-Event Items:
Hair:  D!va - Flora (Collabor88)
Pool:  LISP Bazaar - Serenity Springs Hot Tub


Kiss Me, I'm Irish

Happy St. Patrick's day!
In the spirit of the holiday, I'm wearing things that have some green in it, because we're all a little Irish today!
The best part is that both items are part of two sale events going on.

The argyle hoodie is from JLB and is on sale for 55L at Fi Friday.
Comes in 3 other colors as well.

Razorblade Jacket has a Soft Shell Jacket Liner with a different colors striped on the side at the Outlet Sales Room. I chose green, in the spirit of today.


In the Peenk!

As mentioned in the previous post, the Depraved Nation Pink Fusion Hunt has begun.  This is one for the girlies with loads of pink items to have you glammed and girled!

I found these pinkalicious items and channeled my inner girl to take these pics.  Secretly I loved it, but don't tell anyone.

For more info and LMs for the Pink Fusion Hunt go HERE!

The top and pants are from ~Sassy!~.  They are the Sassy Sez Top and Bite Me Pants.  Great names.  The pants have a fab gloss to them which would be perfect for clubbing and they make your butt look sooo good.  Move over Beyonce and J Lo.

These fabu nails are from [S H O C K] and are aptly called the So Cute Nails.  They come with a hud so it is easy to get them fitted perfectly, which I often find tricky.

The facial piercings are from ellabella and give you an edgy, yet distinctly feminine look.  Paired with the cool  Mehndi tatt from Endless Pain Tattoos and you have an outfit that says, "I might be wearing pink, but do NOT mess with me!"

And check out this skin from Tuli.  It is NOT a Pink Fusion Hunt item, but is in the Skin Fair this year, which started on the 15th of March.  It is called Elyse and I am LOVING it sooo much.  It even comes with some awesome lipsticks and the one I am wearing is called Fuchsia.  Pink-tacular!

To finish off the outfit I threw on these delicious heels from *Epic*.  They are called Neo Pink Fusion and just scream, "DANCE!".

My hair is not in hunt either, but is from Exile and is called Midnight in Paris.  The bow is colour-change.
I also need to mention the stores where these props came from.  Here is a quick run-down:

Diesel Works - The Debutante Chaise
{what next} - Fleeftone Retro Record Player, Jar Lantern, Eggie - Peenk (The Nest Easter Egg Hunt), Pink Retro Telephone, Drawer Shelf (Lazy Sunday)
Persnickity - Shoe Box - Pink Flowers
LISP Bazaar - 2 Tier Hatboxes, Pinky Boo Rose, Chocolate Choux Teddy Cup
**Interior Addiction** - Amelie's Teddy
UrbanizeD - Roses & Leaves Mannequin, Deco Art Sparkle - Hope and Love (Closed Store)
Paradisis - Lil Beach Bag
SocialANGtz - Phoenix Skullies Headphones
[Gos] - Desire Ankle Boot
Designer Prims - Pink Rose Petals


It's Raining Events!

Please excuse my silence for the last few days.  I have been writing an article for a magazine.  All will be revealed once it is published!

In the meantime there are some AMAZING new events/hunts for you enjoyment so I thought I would bring a few of them to your attention.

SL Buddy Walk Charity Fair - The SL Buddy Walk was created to celebrate the World Down Syndrome Day in Second Life. Many of your favorite SL entertainers and store brands will be taking part to promote and raise money for Down Syndrome awareness. The Buddy Walk® was established in 1995 by the National Down Syndrome Society to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness and to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

For more information you can go HERE or HERE.

Depraved Nation - Pink Fusion Hunt Sponsored by Razorblade Jacket, 1 Hundred, AlterEgo & Sassy! this hunt will include 55 hand picked stores offering some truly awesome creations.
Each designer will provide a new release which will remain exclusive throughout the duration of the hunt and each hunt object will be set for sale for 5L$. Hints for this hunt are optional.

Also this week you can also go to the new round at The Gallery Gift ShopAcid Lily and The Dressing Room Fusion.  Loads of great items at fabulous prices.  You will not want to miss out!

PS. I promise I will have some fashion for you later today, so keep an eye out!


Stormy Weather

Not sure about the commonsense of scootering in a storm, but my neighbour has been redecorating again and has this fab weather machine, so it was just too good a pic opportunity to miss when the lightning seemed to hit at just the right time.

I got this wonderful scooter from Focus Poses to blog and then found this outfit in bloggy items too, so today's pics were born.

The vest and shirt are newbie from Razorblade Jacket and are called the Trekka Vest w/ Shirt.  You even get a hud with so you can fiddle with the colours and textures.  Easy peasy.

The capri pants are part of an outfit from [Beyond the Stars] at Acid Lily this week.  The top that goes with is cool too!

Skin is new from Tuli and is called Elyse.  I am wearing the Petal tone in Sultry.  This will be at the Skin Fair.  Can't wait for that!! (March 15th-31st)

Hair is Noriko from Wasabi Pills.  I love this one with the colour change clip so that I can match it to any outfit.

The Unisex Spiked Sneakers in Ruby Red are from even.flow and are an old Acid Lily item.  I have been itching for an opportunity to wear them and today was the day!

And for accessories I grabbed this bag from Gawk! and these headphones from {PopTart} out of my inventory.  The bag was an old hunt item and is the Flower Black Leather Backpack.  The headphones are Mesh Butterfly Headphones in White and were a recent release.


Formal Blue

The weekend ends and normally that is no reason to celebrate, but when I saw this lovely dress from Leri Miles Designs I decided to crack open a bottle of red and enjoy.  These Harvest Wine poses from Nani Poses made it just right.

The dress is called Stephanie and is in the Fashion For Life event.  The shoes are Candy Resolution Pumps in Resolution from Miamai.  They were a group gift. I was rapt when they went perfectly together.

This gorgeous hair is a new item from D!va at Collabo88.  It comes in two styles and I am wearing the Moon Stone colour.  You can change the colour of the flowers and headband too.  Makes it easy to match to anything.

The jewellery is from FINESMITH and is the Let It Snow set.  It is an older set, but is one of my favs.

This Tuli skin is my current fav. It is called Zoe and is still at the Depraved Nation Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair and I am wearing the Rogue Lipstick from the Deviant Lips pack.

And lastly this fab piano and props are from LISP Bazaar.  The lovely Pandora even gave us scripts to update them so the keys look more realistic...and they do!


Up In A Tree

I have always wanted a treehouse in SL, so when I saw this Treehouse Cottage from Trompe Loeil I have to confess I got pretty excited.  Maybe it is because one of my fav books growing up was The Swiss Family Robinson.  If I had the chance to build a house in a tree in RL I would and move in immediately.  How cool would that be?

Well, the good news is you can at least have that joy in SL.  This treehouse is now at Collabor88 and I love it all from the awesome deck area down below to the attic rooms up high.  SO cool!

These Vintage Bathroom items are currently at faMESHed and are also from Trompe Loeil.

While you are grabbing your treehouse make sure you also grab this fabulous Hanging Bed (Trompe Loeil).  Loads of great animations for you and your significant other.  The pillows are also colour change.

Heavenly from L'aize Dayz threw these lovely items at me the other day and I complained I was squished.  Still, when I saw them I didn't mind a bit of concussion because they are relax-a-licious.  The Shabby Day Bed comes with the laptop and is a group discounted item.  The planter (also in white) is a group gift.

These items from LISP Bazaar were in the last round of Collabor88, but are now available at the main store, in case you missed out.  The telescopes come in different colours as do the pictures.  Loads of poses and they look fab in your home.

And lastly, you have to race over to The Men's Dept to grab this stylish Corduroy Armchair from [bauwerk].  Nice masculine textures and sits.  And then whiz over to [CIRCA] and hunt out this Shadowbox Table and Seat Set which is currently the prize in the Lavender Hill Hunt.  It also comes with a tall version of the table in the pack.

Dress:  Leri Miles Designs - Shelly Tank Dress - Blues (60L Weekend)
Hair:  Truth Hair - Milly - Oasis
Shoes:  DECO - Mesh Classic Sneakers - White
Skin:  Tuli - Zoe - Petal (Luck of the Irish Gacha)


Walking on Sunshine

Seemed a nice day for a walk.  I love it when the sun shines through the trees, the birds are singing and the butterflies are out.

I also love it when I find an outfit that grabs my attention, like I did today.  This little stunner is from Leri Miles Designs is at Acid Lily this week, but only for a couple more days so don't dawdle!  It is two separate items called Nanette Top and Nanette Skort.  I found these shoes from Baiastice in my inventory to go with. They are Marilyn Platform in a champagne colour.

The cutesy hair is from Magika and is called Anywhere.  The necklace is from Evilkyoot and is in the Depraved Nation Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair.

The basket is an item I got ages ago and is from Jill (closed store).  It seemed like a basket type outfit.  Almost Dorothy-esque.  Well, perhaps a slighty risque one.